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  • Apparently 'all beast' does not work for the class quest. I beat a raid with Lupina, Torchy, Grog and Solaris and did not get credit.
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    Beast is a TYPE. Not a class. So Solaris is a Beast HEALER. Bovus is a Beast WARRIOR. Pignius is a Beast TANK. Lupina is a Beast ROGUE.

    Those would all be Beasts, but they do not represent a single class of hero.

    (This would be a great time to have filtering / sorting in the Hero selection window so you could filter by one Class or Type.)
  • Fatcat, Lnnov has a point when we are asked to put in a run of PVP wins with things such as an all casters team, or an all tank type team and our opponents are not adhering to the spirit of this Guild War event by only putting up Solaris / Shade /Koros (and a small handful of other over used characters on defense) becomes nigh impossible to defeat these teams with all casters, etc.. The ONLY good thing is that since streaks are disabled, it does not hurt you if you constantly refresh to find a team you have a shot in heck of defeating (and even then, you may need several million you can afford to lose as it gets expensive fast to constantly refresh).

    For this event I wish there was a way for DB to just straight up disable the ability to run a team with the same old, same old so while it might be tough if I stumble across an all caster team that turns out to be better runed, at least it is more of a sporting fight as I try to hit them with my all caster team, instead of my all caster team going up against one of hundreds (or at least if feels that way) three beast (of which one is Solaris) and Shade just deflates the spirits and makes what could be a fun challenging event that forces some of your guild members to step it up and help your guild out a real slog to get through. Instead, plenty of Guild members are all agreeing with each other that even the bottom tier (25,000 trophies) is going to be beyond grueling to achieve for a lot of foks who have to go up against a legion of Solaris is that remotely fun at all?
  • I hope so. I almost had enough for the torch skin. 15k+ gone. What’s going on?
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    @inhumans99 keep raiding or refreshing. It's totally possible.

    I'm on 10/15 right now and I've just been raiding right, right, right. If it's a Solaris team, I use one of my standard offenses. If it's something on the easier side, I'll try to work a raid with all one class. Almost done! :)
  • Anyone seeing skins in the aether shop? If so which and for how much ? In not seeing any in curious if i sinply have them all
  • I’m not seeing skins in either the Aether shop nor in the Event Shop.
  • Feedback for future events, items cost waaaaaay to many tickets and quests give out waaaay to few tickets.

    Thank you.
  • @Victoria could you please show some skin, I mean skins in the Aether shop.
  • I see skins in the Event shop, and totems in the aether shop, but no skins in the aether shop? Can someone tell us what they are seeing if you have any?
  • ug2nbkxwof9h.jpeg

  • Been raiding all night with casters as those are my best absolutely sucks. It's painful. I'm done wasting my time.
  • How do I feel about this event so far? Well, I'm playing it and enjoying it as much as possible, but am limited by my inability to freely swap runes amongst my heroes to enjoy the cool opportunities to use less used slow heroes and hero combinations, which is slightly sad and frustrating because it feels like a waste of a cool idea. Otherwise doing my best to enjoy. With the current meta on defense "trying new things," requires that those things have the runes. Which I would have, but on heroes who would stand a chance!
  • This has been by far one of the worst events in terms of bugs. The game constantly crashes, the loss of tickets (which has been stated in another thread), AOE debuff only effecting me and not the defenders, shade getting damaged with spirit link activated (the defender get dealt 0 damage), my heroes not having a turn for 2 rounds etc. This event could have been fun if it played how it was supposed to.
  • The event is a nice idea I agree but its made for long time players. Severe flaws that makes this event very frustrating for everyone else(at least in my guild):

    Defense points count for event contribution. My guild mates in the 64-69lvl bracket are getting slaughtered with 350+ defense matches within 1.5 days already. I'm in this bracket too and luckily "only" counting 150 so far yeah...
    Easy solution would have been to only count offense.

    Event quests to use special hero setups. WTF I worked hard to get my pvp off and def runed up. With the remaining low runes I could put on the special setups there is no way to win anything, especially 15 times. I simply dont have the resources to play around with the
    Easy solution would have been to make attempts count.

    Event tokens compared to event shop prices are ridiculous.

    I think the goal is to let people have fun so they keep on playing and spending money, which I do for things that are well done. This is not.
  • FatCat69 wrote: »
    Beast is a TYPE. Not a class. So Solaris is a Beast HEALER. Bovus is a Beast WARRIOR. Pignius is a Beast TANK. Lupina is a Beast ROGUE.

    Those would all be Beasts, but they do not represent a single class of hero.

    (This would be a great time to have filtering / sorting in the Hero selection window so you could filter by one Class or Type.)

    I believe Joel said there are classes and families.

    To those wondering which belongs in which:

    Classes: warrior, rogue, castor, healer, tank. (Maybe others)

    Families: Dwarves, constructs, goblins, undead, monster, elves, beasts, (probably more)
  • I don't think constructs count as either, but I may be wrong.
  • shiggity80 wrote: »

    To those wondering which belongs in which:

    Classes: warrior, rogue, castor, healer, tank. (Maybe others)

    Families: Dwarves, constructs, goblins, undead, monster, elves, beasts,

    plants, reptiles.

    I'm guessing Fast, Slow and Legendary are just modifiers.

    After winning one of six or seven attempts with casters (my strongest possible option, with Shade and Lily in there) against the weakest opponents I could find, which would have been guaranteed wins with the team of my choice, I've given up on this quest.

    As Klambu said, if it had been attempts, not wins, I'd have swallowed the 15 losses. As it is I've given up on the idea that I can do this.

    The irony is that the players who have the runes to run a team to complete this quest probably don't need any of the items in the event shop except the raid tickets, and since our event tokens got zeroed...
  • The error codes coming up while doing PvP are annoying as ****. Trying to mindlessly help your guild by doing a million raids and then randomly having to do some over again because of an error code is like being forced to watch a 6 hour documentary about doing taxes voiced over by a guy who has has no teeth, slurping soup and gagging on his own saliva every 30 secs.
  • Any update on the ticket situation ? Was trying for the Yasmin skin.
  • I did the majority of my 15 class raids with a mix of Lupina/Hopper/MK/Torchy/SB.

    If you have the MK skin, his second ability starts powered. I think it took me about 20 raids to get my 15 wins.
  • Has the counter disappeared that shows when your choice of PvP opponents will reset?
  • I didnt even bother buying the skin since i lost most tickets and now i just reached legend 1 after 150, long, painful battles against people who keep on using the same combination of heroes; mangle jaw, astrid or igorok and ponti
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • This event was very hard on long-time players who are ambivalent about pvp. I have a sudden rush of veteran players who love DB, who love pve and are so-so about pvp, and who want to quit. These are people who have never, ever wanted to quit before this event.

    This event was great for our folks who are pvp experts, or the very few who discovered an unexpected love of pvp in this event. For most who wanted to learn to love pvp in this event, it was misery.

    Ten million beast team opponents. (Is is even possible to not always have a meta? Is it possible for pvp to ever use more than a tiny fraction of our heroes?) Raids that took forever (rez, rez, rez). Even if you were pretty good, it was the same thing over and over.

    Awful mismatches, especially on Thursday and Friday.

    And our mid-60 level folks getting slaughtered and having that count against them. Defensive losses should not count against them in these events until this mid-60s MM thing gets fixed.

    An unbearable grind.

    Crappy rewards (this has been a complaint in the past, but it is my first time saying the rewards were truly bad).

    The entire thing lasted way too long - 48 hours should have been the max for this grind. Or, make it a threshold-only event, with better thresholds.

    I was one of the few GMs who was happy with the GG event a while ago that most hated. Most of my players were also happy with that GG. We are not complainers or quitters. This GT event was just abysmal.
  • Never want to see this again. The Solaris/Shade grind was brutal.
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    Long story short: this event is shīt. I can see why people are jumping ship.

    Edit: i just realized why this event was over the weekend. The devs dont work on the weekend so they can just drop this shïtbomb on us then apologize on monday.
  • Are Plants or Gorgons not considered as "Families? Because they dont give credit for the quest.
  • I didn't think I would agree before the event, but I feel that the removal of streak was the right thing to do for the event. If you had the gold, you could refresh without having to wait for a refresh. This kept it fast and furious. I was expecting guild co-op quests to unlock buff/debuff like BI before this, which may have added a different element to the event. And having so many free raid tickets was good. Overall, besides waiting for the ticket comp and not wanting to pvp for a while, it was grindy only because I chose to pvp so much.

    After going though this and BI, I wouldn't like to see guild event more frequent than once every 2 months.
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    This is one of the only pvp metas I've ever really enjoyed.

    If you didn't like this event. There is almost certainly no "meta" that could possibly exist in this game where you would like this event. PvP isn't everyone's thing.

    Personally, I enjoy playing in a meta where mid fight decisions actually matter. That is so rarely the case in this game. As for the tickets... I did lose over 10k, but it's hard to complain given the ridiculous number of other free raid tickets they gave us. I've done near 600 raids (Despite losing those tickets) almost all from free raid tickets. It makes me struggle to understand how people call this type of thing a "grindy cash grab" when you could literally play the entire weekend for free.

    The only complaint I would have is exactly the same as every other guild game. I don't like playing for 16-20 hour periods over 3 days. I much prefer the guild boss battle version which doesn't require more than 6 hours. Some people prefer an endless grind with a real winner however...perhaps only LC.

    Edit: Some thoughts on the meta - Most fights last less than 3 rounds. On 2x speed this is marginally different from many of our past one turn kill metas (Which are mindless and miserable). I've also seen more diversity during the last 600 matches I've run then I've seen probably ever.

    Bovus, Julius, Pignius, Solaris, Torchy, Bauble, Shade, Hopper, Shadowblade, Daeris, Grog, Kozar, Furnace, Ferno, Viperia, Krexx, Cobressa, MK, Valkin, Astrid, Dagrund, Ekko, Lupina, Stonefist, Kobal, Emily, Koros, Leo, Lily, Aria, Pontifex, Ember, Rocky, Jabber, and Kai were all heroes I saw numerous times throughout the weekend. That's literally THIRTY FIVE heroes. It's hard to ask for more diversity than that. I would challenge someone to name another meta where we had more pvp viable heroes.
  • Please give us free rune unequip Monday
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