New to actual planned runeing...beast advice?

The beasts have been what I've been running since I started this game and ended up with jabber and bovus and recognized how they buffed each Solaris coming along and blowing the whole thing up has been nothing but welcome. I've got every member of the beast team FA except for Julius (due to taking forever to unlock him...literally the last one I got, with only ignus/aria/ember remaining), as well as Seeker blessings and epics where relevant, and at 65 I'm finally able to start farming the boss mode dungeons to really begin to re-rune the team PROPERLY. Julius and Jabber are the only 3* ones, everyone else is 5* besides Solaris and Lupina at 4, and Pignus at 6. He really liked showing up in my big portal pulls. I suppose this is just a really long, meandering way of saying 'how does I figure out how to properly rune at 60+?'


  • Watch which PvP defenses give you the business. But if we're just tossing things out there - with Grog+Solaris+Julius, you are getting mega health bumps - hook those guys up with some attack benefits. Though, hardcore bulwark and DR on already insane health pools is what I am currently rocking - holds about a 50% win rate most days, but is slowly losing more and more to the point I'll probably change it in a week or so.

    Are all plugs shameless?
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    For PVP, I prefer grog and Solaris as a "base", and then build from there depending on opponent. The current meta often involves shade and/or hopper to get rid of opponent beasts, or torchy+hopper/torchy+4th beast (I like Lupina). Some of my rune setups are below, which aren't perfect but are fairly top end. You won't have a lot of these yet, but it should give you a decent map as you develop your roster and start getting better PvP rewards. As you can see, the meta has shifted away from pure attack stacking (MK, Koros, SB, furnace) to a more balanced approach that can take advantage of solaris' excellent healing and resurrecting.




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    Holy phenol, those stats...

    Meanwhile I'm over here with all my heroes only having Greater runes at best and thinking an Atk stat of 3,000 is amazing...
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