Lich lord-PLZ HELP

I have tried to beat him ssooooo many times but i just can't. any good teams for the lord?


  • 1) Get Masuta Kira
    2) put a healer on the team
    3) ???
    4) Profit
  • Here are some good heroes to use against Lich
    1. MK - he has pwn undead, so he is the best offensive option in this dungeon. Second and third move destroy the boss.
    2. Ember - she has pwn undead and can heal. put her before MK and turn him into even more of an offensive juggernaut.
    3. Yasmin - she has pwn undead and can heal. With her epic, she can do quite a lot of damage as well.
    4. Ekko - Lich Lord is vulnerable to lightning. Shock him and everyone becomes an offensive juggernaut.
    5. OE - immune to disease and keeps the dmg off your hitters
    6. Stonefist - immune to disease and keeps the dmg off your hitters
    7. Furnace - immune to disease and keeps the dmg off your hitters
    8. Nub - use Stout team before entering boss room, then Haste your biggest hitter in round 1. Don't give Lich a chance to heal.
    9. Rocky - put him before ember and mk, use haste, ember's str buff, then you get three powered up pwn undead attacks before the lich gets a turn.
  • Yeah, a good mk/ekko can do some serious damage to the lich, pretty much any undead hero is really valuable against him for disease immunity plus yorick's mark shenanigans, broms damage, or hansuke and oe's tank capabilities. Yasmin's a good choice of healer because of cleanse shenanigans. also take note that a fa'd pontifex can nearly one shot him with a grave digger/doombolt combo.
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    MK is pretty much essential. A taunting hero to prevent MK from dying (Stonefist is not only a hero you're sure to have, but also an amazing choice), a healer (which you'll find to be pretty much neccessary from this point on), and a filler hero. Could be another healer, another damage dealer, anything really.

    MK/(filler)/Yasmin/Stone worked well for me. Perhaps the filler could be a hero who has synergy with your other heroes? Sir William can boost team defense and also would make Stonefist even harder to kill. NubNub would provide more healing, damage boosts, and Haste, invaluable for fighting bosses with large health pools. Shadowblade or Willow can put out huge amounts of damage and give themselves Evading if no Taunt is active.

    Really nothing that hasn't been said above. Good luck on it!
  • farfellafarfella Member
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    Furnace bauble mk and any other big damage guy.
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  • VictoriaVictoria Member, Administrator, Moderator, Big Fish
    @lord_taco it would help if we knew what Heroes you have unlocked. :) It's difficult to try to put a team together for you if we don't know who you have.
  • True. Doubt he has ember.
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    I just beated challenge lich with this set SOMEHOW, I used Mk, life reaper, King yorik, and nub nub. Strangely, luck can help you, and with King yorik, your lrb can't die (at full hp) when he uses lich slap
    I love Mk.
  • use zomm if you have him since lich disease alot and zomm become more powerful with disease
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  • I think you guys are forgetting he is clearly a low level, and there is no possible way he even has ember, heaven forbid fully ascend one of the 2 hardest heroes to ascend EVER. Your best gamble is kira, however, if you don't have Kira bring Yorick. Back in my days your best gamble with all of the epic bosses was Yorick, was his ability harshly magnifies damage. If you don't have those 2, then tell me you have atleast ONE legendary hero. I'll go with Victoria on this one, we cant really help you if we dont know what heroes you have. But i can give you a priority list for the dungeon. Bring a tank. Those skeletons will most likely get the best out your glass cannons, so you want a tank to protect them. Go with stone fist, Alexandros, Sir William, or Leo, who you probably don't have. After that, make sure to avoid using special attacks unless its absolutely necessary, as the 2 bosses on the following floor WILL murder one of your heroes. I suggest you kill that stupid fire demon first, as he will ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS use great ball of fire on his first turn, which will rather kill someone right off the bat or the extremely high burn damage will kill them. The knight isn't much as a problem, but he can still pack a punch. Now when you get to the lich, your in for some deep stuff now. You NEED a healer, that's not even a choice you really need a healer for this. Go with Yasmin all the way as her own undead will get a good hit on the lich minions, and her cleanse will remove the disease the lich gives. Forgot to mention liches basic attack hits about 6 times, and will hit a random hero each time. This isn't really a problem, but the disease is. Once the lich says gathering power you know you should start wrapping up, as this isn't a bluff. In 1 round the lich will cast lich slap, a POWERFUL multi-hitting AoE attack. This will most likely kill anyone on your team that isn't rich in health or defense, so consider your damage dealers screwed. For a low level i highly recommend energy and revive potions. So if you have these heroes, bring them. Kira, Yorick, Yasmin, Stone Fist. If you dont have Kira, then bring someone else to replace him like Ponti, or really any legendary hero since they all are pretty capable of murdering the lich. If you have Zomm, you will defeat this dungeon no questions asked. His exhaust will stop the lich from using sacrifice, and I believe it stops him from using lich slap too. Also, since he technically counts as a "disease" when zomm hits the lich, the lich may get slowed. I must also point out that you shouldn't focus on the minions as they are tanky but too weak to do any real damage. When the lich goes down, they all go down with him. Only attack the minions if your heroes are runed up well enough to kill them with weak hits that aren't singular specials. If you have the lich low and minions are there, it's a hard gamble but you should murder the minions so the lich doesn't gain back a nice 1/6 of his health. If you know you can, go ahead and finish him off, but only if you have a few specials ready. Consider bringing ekko since he is spirit immune, so the lich's basic attack won't damage, and I believe his lich slap won't too. Besides, your team could use crit+ and energy, and the lich is vulnerable to light attacks and ekkos lightning storm counts as one. Tell us all your heroes and their ascensions so I can give you an em... shorter response.
  • Need moar paragraphs.
  • I refuse to believe read that block of... stuff.

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  • i found that by using yorick and my favorite master sifu, i could absolutely murder the litch
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    I first beat the lich with the next setup: Stonefist 1st ascned, Yasmine 1st ascend, Kobal 2nd ancend and +1 single target damage dealer as strong as it gets. The important thng is to clear rooms with Kobalt and use his def down on the lich. At the miniboss try to kill the imp first as the death knight does little damage compared to him. But if he uses death mark use taunt on Stonefist as death marked tartgets are likely to die in 1 hit. Once you reach the boss just try to keep everione alive with stonefist and yasmin even if it means some health potions (they also cleanses disease which is a big damage+). The most inportant thing is to save stonefist's attack down or any other defensive skill to lich slap, as without Kira it's almost impossible to have enough dps before it hits you. And it hits you hard. Yasmin Stonefis and your dps character has to survive it with buffs from full hp. This is basically your soft low level cap. Then just hit the dam thing until it dies. Hopefully before the second slap. Also you can try using Yorik, as the tower now starts sooner, his mark for death is the best damage boost around against single targets, he has defensive buff on 1st ascd end and immune to disease, making him and kira the best characters to damage the lich. Oh and the lich is weak to fire and lightning if you has some.
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  • I am so corn-fused. But that is still funny.
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  • um

  • I just remebered that sifu has the most over powered single-multihit attack in the game. I mean serious, his attack doesnt even compete with ferno its just OP. I think we should stop waiting for dungeon boss to buff these heroes and make OUR attempt to buff them. I can see sifu as a dangerous glass cannon. But look, WHERE THE HECK DO YOU EVEN GET SIFU ANYMORE. I like never get him in the heroic portal, so im confused on how i have him at 4 stars. If i could name 5 heroes i forgot existed sifu would be 3 of them. And then theres abigail. The problem with these 2 is that they are just too SQUISHY. Abigail has a unique passive that buffs her attack on crits, but will that matter if she is dead. Sifu dies before he hits too. Someone experiment with these 2, kinda like with what happened with kobal.
  • Trying to get back to playing the game after a few months...
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    I'm totally disappointed nobody here understands Attack on Titan jokes.

    I could've just made a joke about Trump and walls with Hilmer's wall of text pasted over that, but I thought it'd be too easy.

    Apparently I have too much faith in you guys! :tongue:
  • now with the MK nerf i cannot even 1 star lich on challenge mode

    any suggestions?
  • Beasts. Or undead.
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  • farfella wrote: »
    Beasts. Or undead.

    just had an epic battle with one of my most powerful teams(most powerful by far probs)

    fully ascended brom, ponti, and executum with a once ascended zomm still cannot beat it

    the fight lasted like 45 minutes with me slowly using doom blade over and over again to migate the lich's stupid sacrifice move and killing the minions anyway to be sure and only getting a rare shot at the guy eventually cost me when i went for the kill with doom bolt and instead he used sacrifice, which crit healed for 11k HP, then gathered power and litch slapped my team to the next dimention
  • Yeah I like beasts better. Try them! lol. tbh, if you can't beat him with undead, you may not be able to beat him with anyone.
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  • Fight fire with Fire. (In this case, fight the Undead With more Undead, as undead heroes have Soulless Scourge which makes them immune to poison, venom, disease & wounding as well as Lifestealing for 25% of the damage they deal.)
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  • Alright, I used an undead team, brom, zomm, hansuke, and grog-gnog, but grog gnog and hansuke both died in the boss room. I am only level 44, while the recommended level is 61, so it took many tries, and since masuta kira is kind of bad now with his nerf and my light heroes are absolute trash, I mainly relied on my powerhouses, brom and zomm. I mainly focused on the lich lord himself, ignoring his minions. I had a little rng when my brom was on very low hp and didn't run away in fear, but I saved my unleash the legion for when he sacrificed both his minions to unload tons of damage, and used sacfrifice zomminions when he was charging his lich slap to gain 3 energy so brom had his team leech in time to heal up. I also brought two energy potions and one health. Defeating him was kind of luck for me because I got a ton of crits from my runes, but it was still really hard as a level 44.
  • undead team solves all, shatter team would be good, but igorok dies in 2 hits when diseased,a furnace based fire team lacks enough damage, light teams would die instantly, dungeon boss is already dead, goblins can't crit when diseased so crap, so yeah, go with undead, the new zomm pretty much solves everything, even tho he's out of the meta like 2 months ago
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  • Beast team?
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  • I'm 46 and had an epic battle last night. I've been fortunate and picked up Zomm a week or two ago from the heroic portal and have made him as tanky as I can. My team has been Zomm, Brom, Shadowblade, and Yasmin (all 1 ascension, apart from Yasmin at 2). In the end it was Zomm and zomminions and a little bit of luck in him not running away in fear that whittled the Lich down over half an hour or so. He is so stupidly overpowered, but I'm not going to complain about getting that three star clear. I wish I had thought to look her for tips before hand, though!
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    I am lvl 54 atm and today i just clear challenge mode Lich. I used dwarves team with Rogar 2A-4* therand 2A-3* valkin NA-3* dagrund 1A-3* and i must say dagrund is the key here. with lifesteal for all you should not worry that they will be wiped out and just slowly kill his minion.

    For normal mode it's a little bit tricky if i remembered try to use jasmin but her damage is puny even when i used rogar "pump attack" (3rd spcl attack).
    in the end just bring your best heroes with aoe damage and possibly the one who can heal by itself so they don't get their hp lowered much in the previous room before th boss room
    NA=not ascended 1A=1st Ascended etc
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