$24.99 For a Skin? Are you Serious?

After not one, but TWO very material consuming events (Bi2 & Guild PvP) you’re really going to offer a skin for one of the most popular heroes in the game for irl money instead of allowing players to grind out for it? I don’t know about you, but to me this is just... disheartening and wrong. I’m not saying for you to NOT buy this, because it is a cool skin, but man... not allowing players to grind for it is just as I said, wrong. Maybe I’m wrong here, thoughts? @Joel I don’t mind spending money on the game, but after these past two events I need to hold off and other players feel the same. Really feel like this should be obtainable through grind.



  • They did this last year for Furnace and Ekko, but the prices were less I think.
  • I can see arguments from people claiming that it’s not mandatory to make more asinine purchases. But, when the spotlight is on a hero that’s virtually required in the meta and skins have been affecting gameplay to a greater extent, it becomes more a question of value-based decision making.

    I’ve voiced my discontent about the string of recent cash grabs over the past many events - which leaves me to wonder if the company is desperate for funds or it’s simply prompted by greed. I’m sure we all understand that monetization is necessary to maintain some semblance of quality for the game, but that balance has been disrupted and it’s becoming more apparent what type of game this has become.
  • Has to be greed.

    I mean no free unequivocal, no 3x mats...
  • so many more people would atleast be tempted to buy it for maybe 5 dollars/euros, but not for 25. i would prefer 10.000 happy people with a halloweenskin over 500 people who are willing to pay 25 for just 1 skin. Wrong price choice IMO
  • Well, you do unlock the hero along with the skin but not sure if worth it...there should at least be a very hard questline for one of those skins (not the fire hero skins because they are easier to get)

    My best solution is to wait until the next halloween event. They might put them as questline rewards or something
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  • If you consider the number of premium apps available in the App Store for far less than the price of this cosmetic, it’s appaling to think someone saw this as a good idea. Though, I’m sure that someone also has dollar signs for eyes...
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    Am I understanding this correct. If you don't have the hero, you get a full unlock and a costume for $25. And if you already have the hero, you only get a costume for $25? Could those of us who already have the hero get a discount on the costume?

    Edit: oops. Just saw there are tokens if you already have the unlock.
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  • if the argument was to be made that the skin is purely cosmetic and offers no advantage it would not be a fair one to make considering the last pvp event skinned heroes got extra energy.
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    Don't know why everyone is so angry. You don't have to spend the money. If you're not even going to then why complain about it? It's cool that there is a Shade skin now. Next year when a bunch of players have quit because the price of the skin ruined the entire game for them, the skin will come back and it will either be cheaper or you will be able to buy it with candy corn because some new hero will be featured. I think a lot of you guys miss the point that anything new to the game is going to be pricey because it allows you to have it before anyone else and F2Pers. Same goes for the gem sub changes. It allows players to get more gems faster. If you are already a pretty active player, then this should not even be a big loss to you. If you've played the game for a year then play it for another year and then get the skin xD Don't just quit because of 1 inconvenience when you have the whole entirety of the game to enjoy. Some of these posts are the equivalent of a child removing the disc from his system, breaking the disc and then smashing the system up against the wall because they can't beat a level lol like those raging gamer YouTube vids. We should all be more respectful to the devs and maybe they won't try to rob you all with a cash grab since that's what people see this game as even though it's really just "you can ascend this hero for $19.99 if you want The more negative about the game you are, the more negative it will be for you.
  • Larry said that the 3 skins are nice, but 4 skins would be better.
  • Larry deserves a Leisure Suit.
  • $25 is too expensive. End of story.
  • Someone in the chat the other day accurately described this situation. They said,

    "I bought a costume for my acual face for less than that"
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  • I did not buy either of these skins. $15 and I probably would have bought both but $25... just an outrageous price. And it's a shame b/c they are both pretty cool.
  • Shade appears for me a lot in PvP (almost every opponent I'm offered to be honest), Pontifex occasionally. I have yet to see anyone using either of these skins. I think that shows that $25 was too much of an ask, and very few players at my PvP level went for it. The tokens mean nothing if you already have the hero, they're easy to get in other ways, or just turn to aether for many of us.

    I hadn't realized the Torchy and Nitpick skins were being offered for cash, albeit cheaper than Shade and Ponti's skins. I already have them both, for free.

    I get that you offer new items at a premium, then again at a reduced price (or free), but once a skin can be had for free (e.g. as an event quest reward) it seems a little greedy to then be offering it for cash.

    I have 27 skins of the 45 available skins (if I counted right) for 75 heroes, and paid for none of them. Two or three more I could have if I'd been in a better Guild at the time they were Guild Game prizes. Lovely Lady Nimriel I could buy with Aether if I thought it necessary. That's 2/3 of the skins for free. Several of these were free when they were first released (e.g. Treemus Phemus). Several that I don't have are holiday skins that I don't particularly like for heroes I don't use and don't miss anyway.

    Overall then, if you're a long term player and prepared to wait, the skins will come. I can't blame the developers for trying to make this a revenue stream, and the market will determine if they want them or not.

  • Barleyman wrote: »
    Shade appears for me a lot in PvP (almost every opponent I'm offered to be honest), Pontifex occasionally. I have yet to see anyone using either of these skins.

    You might be an aberration. Ive seen a fair amount of Shade skins in Warrior1/legendary 3.
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