Undead dream team

I haven't seen anyone who is happy with undead / Mk makeover. Perhaps we will learn to like it in time, but I seriously doubt it. I am so disappointed I'll flogg a dead horse and write up a suggestion for my undead dreamteam.

Soulless scourge should also give immunity to fear, chill and frostbite. Undead know no fear, nor are they bothered by cold. (they are still immobilized when frozen solid though)

Zomm: slow, soulless, lord of the undead, welcome fever, mystical, slow and unstoppable (substantial defence increase for slow heroes the first turn)
Could be a healer rather than a caster.

Abilities. Basic diseasing melee attack
1. Taste for brains is great now. Potential Solaris counter. The autorun script is useless though, Zomm eats corpses instead of attacking.
2. From the grave, AoE version of earlier skill. Hands from the ground group all enemies. Potential slow or energy loss. Increased damage for every dead ally.
3. Re-reanimate. Resurrects all dead undead allies and non undead as zomminions.

Executum: The poor guy is utterly useless. HIs skills giva a rng based protection/debuff. Hes an evil deathknight for frick's sake.

He should be: soulless, armoured, undead guard, light hunter, ultimate darkness (no light bonus against dark heroes) undead scourge (double damage to diseased targets)

Abilities. Basic: void blade, slows on critical hits
1. None shall pass. Taunts and adds an "abs of steel" effect for three turns.
2. Lifedrain. Melee attack that heals the overlord
3. Doomspeaker. Weak AoE that debilitates the opposing team, for half of the current voidbalde

Yorrick. What were you think with this guy? A useless rouge?? His team contribution is an rng cold on basic attacks??? He's an undead iceking.
Should be: Warrior. Soulless, cold as death, freezing skin and touch, royal presence (increased attack and skill for undead)

Abilities. basic swing
1. Deathstrike. Melee attack that leaves a "marked for death" on the target, chance to fear opposing team (still less powerful than shade)
2. Breath of the netherworld. Purging, ranged cold AoE
3. Icebreaker, melee attack that raises team offence.

I guess he is ok for pve the way he is now. Just add challenge accepted as a passive. and possibly return vigilance as a passive, (similar to kozars goblin protection )

Bromm. He's been a badass through a couple of updates. I would shorten his cooldowns a little and add a soul devourer trait, aka destroys the corpses of his victims.

The undead fanboy, pontifex, ought to get an update. sturdier undead form that actually gets undead team benefits, and a passive, undead extacy, a personal attack and defence bonus for every undead on his team.
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  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    I suggested an undead team update and not too long after it happened. My main suggestion was all undead revives and DB had a similar update to them. I've put the new undead team to use though, they really don't suck.l as much as everyone says.
  • Agreed the undead team is pretty good right now, just waiting for that juicy Executum epic. Hope they give him the scourge passive again where undead do 2x damage to diseased targets
  • The OP is quite wrong to suggest no one is happy with the changes. Love that they have brought MK down to earth.

    I like the new Zomm, though your ideas are also great.

    OE was always pathetic and he still is. Your changes are on the money. Ditto Yorick.
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