Classification Conundrum

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So I was doing some thinking trying to piece together some kind of intentional design to some of the classifications... Yes. I might have too much time on my hands. The move of Overlord Executum from [WARRIOR] to [TANK] is what really sparked my intrigue because I thought: why not both? So I did some digging...

[*] There are currently 76 heroes in the game.
[*] Every hero in the game is at least one of the five following classifications: [WARRIOR] [CASTER] [ROGUE] [TANK] [HEALER]
[*] There are six heroes that overlap between these five noted classifications and they are:
Augustus - [HEALER] [WARRIOR]
Kozar Bonebreaker - [TANK] [WARRIOR]
Shieldmaiden Astrid - [TANK] [WARRIOR]
Sifu Jianzhi - [HEALER] [WARRIOR]
Yokozuna - [TANK] [WARRIOR]
Balog - [TANK] [WARRIOR]

So this begs the question... it seems like there was at some point some semblance of a concerted effort to make each classification of these five independent from one another.

Why is [WARRIOR] prevalent in every overlap?
Why not remove a tag from these six heroes to bring harmony and balance to the class tables?

Is this the difference between "classes" any "families"? (As noted in the last boss invasion quests)
These five classifications are "classes" while things like [DRAGON], [PLANT], [DWARF], [UNDEAD] are "families"?
Should the game openly make these distinctions? It'd be far more streamlined to have it where every hero belongs to one class, but can be multiple families, if any.

I know there are far more important things for the devs to work on, but seems like this is a missed opportunity for a more streamlined classification system.

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