Tower is kinda broken now

Yesterday, I was doing tower and noticed enemies did way more dmg, my lvl 70 heroes was even killed off by lvl 60 heroes. I honestly don't like this new tower and wish it would go back to the old version of tower. A lot of people were complaining about this as well.


  • Runes were introduced to tower. I would be all for it if we could have those extra 25 gems back for completing it :)
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • They certainly flooded the defenders with pretty intense runes. Took my well runed undead team into room 1 and they were wiped, not even getting off a shot. Defenders 5 levels below me.

    The tower has become a crapshoot. Fine if you are one of the whales with quality runes on all your heroes, but once my best 10 heroes are dead, the rest don't stand a chance, especially against the inevitable reptile and Solaris teams near the top.

    One more part of the game that is dead to me.
  • For me the tower is easy but it might be because I am only lvl 41
  • First time in months that every one of my heroes - I have all of them, all lvl 70 - died. Some groups didn't get in a shot. I like playing the all beast group in PVE, but mine can't protect my dungeon as the all beast group protects the tower. What, do they all have superior runes? They almost have to, considering so many of my heroes have at least great runes and they didn't make much of a dent in the lvl 68 beast group in the tower. I'd prefer to stay here, but this isn't just "challenging" - at this rate, it's impossible. And in the past I've spent lots of real money on this game, something I might not do in the future. Just saying.
  • I know what you guys mean! Definitely tougher! My Torchy died today! I needed to use five heroes to get to the top instead of the usual four -- a 25% increase!
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    Honestly... I know what you mean. Like, I get they added runes. But teams 10 or more levels below mine are beating my level 70 teams with greater/superior runes. You've heard this argument before, I'm sure, but isn't that odd? This wouldn't even happen in PvP.

    I'm wondering if there's some other unaccounted-for factor at play here.
  • Truth be told, I've seen it as well. There is something screwy going on in the Tower.

    Not sure if they've inverted the situation -- given the defenders runes but removed ours -- or something else entirely, but my attacks are definitely not doing as much damage as they should be doing and the defenders are doing way more to my well runed attackers than they ever should.

    My only advice for people is to kill them before they kill you. I started with Torchy Shadowblade Shade and MK. When Torchy died, I brought in Hopper. Anyone trying to survive it with normal speed heroes is in for a rude awakening.
  • I start with undead autorun - as long as zoom doesn’t die all his baby pontis revive the actual heroes, then switch to beast auto run if required

    The Potato Army
  • I use Torchy Solaris Ferno Grog. Rarely ever lose a hero. Switch to solo Shade on floor 12 because he is faster.
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    Ferno/Grog/Solaris/Julius is basically s guaranteed win. I just don’t like using them because it gets boring real fast.
  • Ferno/Grog/Solaris/Julius is basically s guaranteed win. I just don’t like using them because it gets boring real fast.

    lupina torchy gnog solaris with gets me through the entire tower now only 25% of the time.
    But I can run it until they kill a rogue and punch in Bovus or pig and still clear the tower another 50%.

    If a tower is really bad, I have to go to a dark fast team.

    You can always got with a Zomm team, but I haven't had to yet.

    This compares with three weeks ago when I could run the beasts with no specials and finish in 10 minutes.
    It also compares with my first 6 months doing the tower when I had to use almost all my heroes to clear the tower each day, planning each floor and keeping track of specials on paper.

    So be thankful for what you have.

  • Agreed. Jeepers, the tower went from difficult when I barely had any heroes, to easy as a reward for the work I spent building my teams and tuning them, to now a huge pain in the ****. I hope they find some middle ground, because it feels like the tower is tuned up the wazoo while mine are ignored.
  • It varies across levels. I'm still running the entire tower in 8 minutes or less each day with Shadowblade, Shade, Hopper and Zomm (if one of the first 3 die (which i rare) I switch in Kobal for the mass disease effect).
  • Seriously, 3 Solaris/Leo/Taunt/Beast teams at 9,10 and 11.

    This is just plain ridiculous!
  • Seriously, 3 Solaris/Leo/Taunt/Beast teams at 9,10 and 11.

    This is just plain ridiculous!

    I'm assuming you have a full roster.
    Save for these floors certain teams:
    Like Shade Shadow Ponti Zomm. Shadow first, attack the taunter. If taunt goes away, go after Leo with Shade. If not go after taunter with shade. Between those heroes, you should be able to kill one of the four, and have Zomm eat its brains.
    Then it's four on 3, and you can either kill Leo first, or wait until the feather goes away and kill/possess Gnog.

    That's one solution for one floor.

    Try Lupina Torchy Gnog Solaris for another. That should work.

    There's also hopper. For all beast teams Hopper isn't immediately useful, but maybe if you have him with leo. For example, Furnace Hopper Ferno Leo.

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    Well, 4 of them today, yay. Just plain and utter stupid.

    Edit: for the record I completed the tower but that isn’t the point
  • Since making 70 all my opponents seem to be 65+ every level. It finally bit me. For the first time in months I failed to complete the tower, getting bounced in floor 7 or 8. Of the teams I faced, all but one were either Sol/Grog/Leo or Shade/Zomm. If that happened every day, nobody would complete the tower.
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    K I'm stuck on floor 4 of the Tower. Every time I die and go to attack this floor again the enemies change! Also I was down to 1 enemy left (shadowb) and next time there were 2 enemies (leo magically reincarnated himself) and now 3 of them are alive and all changed enemies! WTF is going on with the Tower!!! :s

    Edit - And now all 4 are alive (but back to original enemies) and I'm down to my last 4 heroes! :/
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