Invincible Hopper

Why does Hopper suddenly take almost no damage? Until recently, he was a 1 shot every time. Now he shrugs off every hit.


  • To counter the Solaris META, you need to be able to remove corpses. Hopper is the most efficient hero to do that, but obviously has to stay alive. Since she now just needs to survive, people have her runed for max damage reduction/defense. Also, if she's on a team with Shade, she gets the Shrouded passive to further reduce her efficiency.

    Still not as annoying as full DR Bauble on a furnace/astrid team. You'll win, but it takes 8 minutes for your squad to have the right abilities loaded AND make sure Bauble can't do positive charge.

    They really need to limit total DR, including passives, to 50%, period. 100% DR for physical attacks just makes for a stupid long battle.
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    I have my video the Shade-Hopper Stopper tomorrow morning...follow it to the letter and you'll laugh at hopper on your way to a merciless streak.
    :wink: B)

    Are all plugs shameless?
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    Instead of DR% getting nerfed there will probably just be heroes that penetrate all def or somehow bypass any DR or, a lot of older heroes will get a passive.
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    I just had a match where ekko was invulnerable. Won by the skin of my teeth thanks to zomm's epic attack. It was the only thing that dealt damage to ekko. I thought the devs fixed this nonsense months ago when we had to deal with invincible emily.
  • Welcome back. Don’t be bitter just because they’re better. Building a good defense takes effort, not “nonsense”. Just need to looks at runes and plan better on your part.

    There are several threads already detailing the 27 or so ways that most anyone can deal damage to these so-called invincible heroes. (Zomm’s epic would be number 28.)

    Find one that works for you.
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    Yeah, I get how it works, I just thought DB had already addressed this issue, or were going to address it months ago with a cap at like 95% or something.

    Edit: But I think what actually happened is they released Koros instead, punting the problem.

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    -double posted
  • If it makes you feel Ekko only has 95% DR. In some fights, he is unkillable. In others, he gets curbstomped. Same with my bunny (though his DR is 78% I believe). There are a lot of ways around DR. It’s all about how you approach the problem and navigate it. Given you took a hiatus, it may take some time to get back up to speed, but I’m sure you will.

    TLDR: I don’t agree that they “punted” the problem. Viable solutions exist and are actually quite prevalent (which was stated previously somewhere up there)
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