All-Star Survival Mode

Each stage is a random team of 4. You will never see the same hero on a different team.l (the roster works like yours does in the tower). Unexpected team combinations! Your heroes are revived and healed after every battle. As long as you don't lose a battle, you can keep going for greater rewards!

Select a team of 4 and equip them with any rune in your inventory! Make the right combination for each stage.

Favorites tab where you can save team selections and rune combinations!

Play until you meet your match!
Scaling rewards include: gold, honor, evos, gems and random runes. At extremely high levels you can even get 5-star legendary greater runes!

Slot machine appears after every 3 battles and gives random buffs/debuffs for the next battle to make things more challenging. Buffs/debuffs can be any status effect on a single hero or entire time for you, the opposing team or both teams. The first few slot rolls will limit to only one specific debuff per battle (all heroes slowed or one hero chilled for both teams). After that the slots will change in color and start applying multiple random buffs/debuffs AND applies both together (one hero slowed on your team, each opposing team hero random debuff - Yasmin - Def Down, IGOROK - Dazed, Yokozuna - ATK Up, Marrow - Aegis Shield).

Finally with every few slots following the buff/debuff mixing, slots will now apply 2 buffs/debuffs and then 3.


  • Does anyone remember the battle arena from FF7...that would be super cool here.

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • Evil_SpiritsEvil_Spirits Unconfirmed, Member
    Heavy influence from that actually ;) Some type of survival mode with scaling rewards would be nice though. Maybe it can make some of the 70s happier. Random debuffs would also not only add challenge but some luck would be involved. If it shows you the buffs and debuffs for the next stage then a lot more planning is involved now than just looking at the team and the runes.
  • Some players would probably be able to go on infinitely lol. That would be cool though. I guess if you can have level 71 enemies in bm, who knows what else you can do? I like it!
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
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