This is Ridiculous....

Turn 1


Turn 2


Turn 3


Turn 4


Turn 5


Turn 6


Two ultimates by Solaris in 5 freggin turns.
She has the posibility of reviving an ENTIRE TEAM TWICE... in 5 turns...

This needs to change now.


  • Nah. She's good.
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  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    It's all about how her Immolating Fire works.

    Basically, it seems to take about 2 teammates' worth of health pools to fill her last ability. As in, 2 teammates dying. Or, alternatively, 3 of her teammates splitting that damage, or her teammates take some damage, she heals, and they take damage again.

    Thing is, that sounds fair on paper. 2-3 allies die, she gets her revive. Seems fair enough. Seems they want you to take out Solaris on the turn she'd use Immolating Fire, and play smart to avoid her rezzing her team.

    However, the problem is that it is a charged ability. If they wanted to truly fix it, it would have to be charged up, and also have a cooldown. That way, she can charge it up quickly, but still have to wait a while after using it. Maybe 8 turns would be fair?

    Additionally, I feel her Fire and Flames has the same issue Ember does with her abilities. It's just so much better to use on your allies, and it's almost never a practical option to target enemies with it. I think they should nerf the ability by adding a cooldown, but buff it by, at minimum, quadrupling the damage it currently does to enemies. Seriously. It's like a Rogar Whirlwind but somehow weaker. If I'm gonna risk killing 2 or more of my allies to charge it, I would like it to actually do some damage if I choose to target it on enemies.
  • Looks to me like you brought the wrong team.
  • you used zomm wrong, you should have used marrow, furnace, and astrid with zomm, letting zomm live and spawning endless waves of zomminions
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    Yeah...the sigs on this forum are obnoxious, even a mod or two has a crazy large sig. You end up with a one line post that fills up the entire screen on someones device because the sig is so large. The above post on my laptop practically takes up half my screen which is ridiculous. Edited to add: Actually it takes up most of the screen, crazy.
  • Did you know that when you are in jail, signatures are hidden as a punishment? I think any players with extra large signatures should be jailed.
  • #freethemuppet
  • Monkeynuts wrote: »

    They let him out before.

    Several very loud and messy explosions occurred, followed by,
    I think this is for our own safety
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