VIP 10

At VIP 10 an upgraded version of the VIP portal is supposed to be awarded. Can you please explain to me what has upgraded? Have reached that level a month ago and have seen no such upgraded the to my knowledge??? If there was one can you explain what was this monumental upgrade ???


  • You get a higher chance for tokens/unlock of the hero in the lower right spot in the portal.
  • Which may actually be a bad thing. Would be nice if, after you pay $1000 for the game, they simply made the portals work like they used to and stop handing out tokens for heroes you already have.
  • I can't believe people pay that much money on a mobile game.
    DB needs to revamp their interface and increase the amount of worthwhile <$5 purchases. When it comes to $5 I think "that's a beer at a bar, sure why not?" When I see a new boss starter pack for $10 I think " why do I need Rogar tokens?"
    I'm at VIP 4, and was looking forward to VIP 5, but now with the removal of $2.99 gem pack who knows how long it will take. I was content with my $3 monthly contribution :/
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