Ember & Aria - your thoughts and opinions invited

I've been buying tokens for these two in the aether shop because I have nothing much else to spend aether on, but I'm wondering if they're really worth the cost?

Whenever I see Aria on a PvP defense, which is rare, she's not the deciding factor. Ember I never see on defense, and I have used on offense only to counter the very occasional Ferno team. I have her 4* anyway which was good enough for the times I used her.

I'm thinking I might just save up my aether, ready for the day a more useful hero like Solaris pops in there. If there's sudden Aria re-vamp or epic I'll still have the aether to buy her tokens.

Anyone think a 6* Aria or Ember is currently an essential match winner? Thoughts, comments?


  • Aria has never been more than an MK stat stick. Obviously even that niche role no longer exists.

    There was a very long meta where Ember lead was pivotal. That hasn't been the case since Solaris however, but that's not to say she could not become useful in the future.

    I would definitely halt on Aria, and potentially just start saving up from this point so you can jump on ember/new hero when the enter at a time when it would actually be useful.
  • Save your aether. Neither hero are essential right now.
  • I use Ember on pvp attacks a lot. I have a Guardian rune on her and she often gets attacked, survives, boosts her teammates and it’s a win. Whereas Aria seems to have little use at all, especially since her passive was useful whilst MK was useful.
  • Full superior attack Ember kills well runed Hansukes. Plus I feel like it’s super insulting to bring ember on your attack and then use her for damage instead of buffing...which is enjoyable.

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    Ember used to be good on PvP Offense because she's fast, and provides an attack buff right off the bat. However, since MK got nerfed, and the Undead and Beast teams got MASSIVE boosts to their health (especially Beasts!), she's sort of lost her usefulness.

    In terms of PvE, however, she's really... fun. I'd bring Solaris as a Fire healer any day over her if I was being serious, but Solaris doesn't feel fun anymore. Ember's abilities are fun to toy around with.

    But no, you don't need either right now.
  • Thanks guys, that confirms how I was feeling.

    Aria, very expensive to star up and almost completely useless at this time.

    Ember, possibly fun in PvE and might be used in PvP but not really worth the aether.

    I guess when either of these gets a rework or an epic then I'll re-assess.
  • I still use ember on pvp sometimes with ferno and koros, while been a while to use aria on pvp long before mk got nerfed, save ur aether imo, or 4*/5* ember at least.

    Regarding to their token grind, highly recommend pvp massively when pvp bounty event comes, past 3 bounty events I fought more than 700 matches each, highest was 805, opened one sometimes two boost daily, it was my method to 6* both of them.
  • I think Aria should be buffed or given synergies with other light heroes, like how Solaris gives every beast their own special bonus.
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  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I think Aria should be buffed or given synergies with other light heroes, like how Solaris gives every beast their own special bonus.

    She's the only Legendary hero who doesn't really have a good synergy effect. Sure, she buffs Light allies' stats, but there's loads of non-legendary heroes who do that. All legendary heroes have some unique effect:
    - Bramble makes Goblins attack again on Crit (along with activating their 'when on a team with Bramble' passives).
    - Ponti resurrects himself, and temporarily resurrects dead allies when using abilities. He also buffs the Undead a bit.
    - Zomm... Zomm is just ridiculously powerful. Can't even list all the Undead synergies here.
    - Furnace has Abs of Steel, Fire hero synergy, and two, totally unique moves (an AoE basic attack and Under Pressure)
    - Solaris has tons of synergy with Beasts, can't even list them all here.
    - Valkin has tons of synergy with the Dwarves, activating their 'when on a team with Valkin' passives, boosting their stats, etc...
    - IGOROK buffs both Monsters and Water heroes, essentially being a leader of 2 teams at once. That's legendary enough!

    Aria... Aria just buffs stats. I guess the same can be said about The Furnace, he's not really any sort of 'team leader', but he has unique moves that set him apart from all the other heroes (besides Solaris, I guess, since she also has a charge-based ability). Aria's abilities are hardly impressive. Especially for a legendary. Let's look at her moves:
    - Sand In the Eyes: Literally just Astrid's Boomerang Shield, but does less damage, and only hits a single target. If this had a cooldown of like, 2 turns, it might actually be good. But currently it's just a single-target Astrid ability. Astrid's not even Legendary!
    - Hurricane Fury (I think it's called that): Just a Sumo Stomp that does noticeable damage. If this was her first ability, she would be a LOT stronger, I think. I don't get why Sand in the Eyes is her first (which is usually the strongest) ability, when this one's so much better. Probably because when Aria was released, "Off-Balanced" was a debuff only she could apply, so it seemed special. Even though it's really not that strong of a debuff.
    - Primed Twist: It... gives her bonus Dodge chance. I think that's pretty much it. I haven't used Aria in ages so I totally forgot what her abilities do. I think it might also give her some extra retaliation damage? Maybe? As far as I know, this is just Shadowblade's 'From the Shadows' without the damaging part. As in... it just gives her Evading for a couple turns. Really not that special.

    Given Aria's ridiculous pricing, and Legendary status, you'd think you'd get more out of her. But she's just sorta 'meh'. I've seen whales who have 6* Aria's with superior runes, but even then, her stats and damage were just... well, exactly what you'd expect for a regular hero with a full set of superiors. Even worse, actually, since if you max out her dodge chance, you're sacrificing runes you could've put towards her Atk, Health, or Def. And all that dodge chance goes to waste the moment they have a Dwarf (or Hansuke, since he's stronger now). Basically... Aria could use a buff. I'm putting all my Aether towards Ember at the moment, she's much more useful than Aria imo. They really need to create a real 'Light Team' with multiple heroes who have passives that grant synergies with other Light heroes. I don't just mean stat stickers, I mean passives that can totally change up the gameplay.

  • Aria... Aria just buffs stats. I guess the same can be said about The Furnace, he's not really any sort of 'team leader', but he has unique moves that set him apart from all the other heroes .

    Furnase buffs armoreds, so he does have a strong synergy.
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