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I know there's a couple teams that don't exactly shine at PvP, like the Goblins or the Light team. Today, I want to discuss the Demon team. Personally, they're the team with the most potential. Demons are really cool. They could be viable in PvP, with just a couple changes. Oh, and PS, can you please make it so Malice doesn't make her entire team dance for 3 seconds whenever they get energy? It makes using the Demons in PvE unbearable. Even with the 2x speed.

Nitpick - Nitpick's one of the classic demons. His job is simple: Deal loads of damage. To make him fair, of course, he doesn't have much in terms of defense or team support. His Epic certainly helps, being able to grant his team Pyromania and giving him much-needed boosts to his Health and Defense.
- Raise his base Atk stat.
- Change his Epic attack to deal Ranged Physical damage, not Fire damage. I see your point, but a giant meteor falling on an enemy? That's gonna hurt, whether they're Immune to being burned or not.
- Savage Slash > Demon Scratch Fever: A new ability. Nitpick slashes a foe twice, dealing Physical Melee damage. The attack has an increased chance to Crit. The attack applies a debuff called 'Demon Scratch Fever', which increases damage done to the target by 100% (scales with skill) from allied Demons. Also deals damage to the afflicted target at the end of each turn and reduces healing. Demon Scratch Fever would last 3 turns, and could be cleansed. Starts charged.
- Fireball > Underworld Flare: A new ability. Nitpick launches a Fireball at the target, dealing Ranged Magic damage and Burning the target. This ability calls in all Demon allies to use a basic attack against the same target.

Icepick - Personally my favorite demon, especially now that he's got a cool new skin. He was unique when he came out, being the only one capable of applying Frostbite, but since Grog-Gnog and IGOROK's rework, this is no longer the case. And it's a little annoying his 'Deal with the Devil' steals more health as you increase it's tier.
- Raise his base Atk and Def stat.
- 'Frostbite Bane', a new passive. Makes Icepick deal 1.5x damage against Frostbitten enemies.
- Change Deal with the Devil to steal less health as the tier increases, capping out at 25% health stolen. Icepick would heal for 75%, and return 75% health back to the targeted ally after a turn. In addition, all non-target Demon allies would get a 'Miniature Devil's I.O.U.' buff, which would heal them for 25% after it expired.
- Change Blood in the Water to also have a chance to Wound the target. Also, it would start charged.

Tsume - The other original demon, Tsume used to be a terrifying force to be reckoned with in PvP. Then he fell from grace, farther and farther, until his coffin was finally nailed shut with the release of his disgracefully bad Epic.
- Raise his base Def stat.
- Chance his 'Vicious' passive to work outside of PvP. No hero should have a PvP or PvE-exclusive passive.
- Change his Epic attack to deal 2x damage, twice, against a single target. Each hit would purge 2 buffs, and an Epic Crit would also Fear the target. This would make for a much more reliable, simple Epic attack. I know the devs wanted something cool and unique, but sadly, that's not the best way to go about making an Epic. Especially when the 'perk' of the Epic attack can leave the hero with virtually no health remaining.
- 'Demonic Howling', a new passive. If Ella is on the team, grants Demon allies Evading at the start of any battle.
- Double Chop > Wind's Fury: A new ability. Tsume attacks a target twice, dealing Physical Melee damage. Each hit will lower the target's energy by 1. Adds Evading to Tsume for 2 turns. Starts charged. This ability would give you the option, when raiding, to either use Soul Shred and purge enemy buffs, or lower an enemy's energy to shut them down.

Malice - The 'leader' of the Demon team. Or, arguably, one of the two leaders (the other being Ella). She's a pretty decent hero, actually! I just hate how her Demonic Pride passive makes your demons stop after every enemy death.
- Raise her base Health and Def stats.
- Fix 'Demonic Pride Team' so that the animations don't interrupt the next hero's turn. I'm fine with the animations happening, but maybe you could work your magic so the hero who's turn is next doesn't do the animation.
- Change her Purging of Sins ability to start charged.
- Everything else about Malice is pretty good.

Ella - Ella's interesting. She can't seem to find a role to play. Is she damage? Is she support? Is she a healer? No way to say for sure. I think she should be the Demon team's healer. Unofficially, but still.
- Change her 'Tenacious Fiends' passive to work outside of PvP.
- 'Demonic Heart I and II', a new passive. Raises Demon ally Health by 20% on tier I, 35% on tier II.
- Change her Charm ability to apply Atk- and Slowed to the targeted enemy instead of Dazed.
- Change her Blood Ritual ability to cleanse herself and the target of 2 debuffs each, heal all Demon allies, and be on a 1 turn shorter cool-down. Non-target allies would not be cleansed of debuffs, and would receive only 50% healing.
- Kiss of Death - Thieving Kiss: A new ability. Ella delivers a devilish kiss to the target, dealing Physical Melee damage. The attack ignores Armor. If the target is <50% health, they are Dazed, and lose 2 energy. If the target is >50% health, the attack deals 2.5x damage. In either case, Ella will steal up to 4 buffs from the target enemy. Starts charged.

Pignius - The only tank the demons have. Plus, he's part beast, so he's sort of a shared asset. He works great with beasts, maybe he should work better with the demons, too?
- Raise his base Atk and Health stats.
- 'Demonic Guard', a new passive. Raises Demon ally Defense by 25%.
- Change his Sucker Punch ability to be moved to his last ability slot, still starts charged.
- Change his Burning Taunt ability to be moved to his second ability slot, still starts charged.
- Beastial Roar > Blood-Curdling Roar: A new ability. Grants allies a buff that increases their Atk and Crit (boosts doubled for Beast and Demon allies), then rally all Beasts and Demons to attack a random enemy. Moved to his first ability slot, and would start charged.

You'll notice I made it so every Demon would start with 2 abilities charged. I think this would be an interesting choice, as it would allow the player to choose how to start the battle. You could choose to mark an enemy with Nitpick, or deal some quick damage with his Meteor Storm. You could have Tsume shut down an enemy by making them lose energy, or purge buffs from all enemies. You could have Ella charm an enemy, or steal their buffs and Daze them.

I think the Demon team's 'thing' should be that they can use abilities like crazy, while having slightly less survivability (but still more than they have now). In PvP, there's only 4 enemies. You won't make much use of Malice's Demonic Pride Team unless they can revive heroes often. Giving them general buffs across the board will make them better, and making at least two of their abilities start charged each will give them a stronger start in every battle.
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