Whenever I attack someone they are able to use all there abilities before I get to and that makes it so 2 of my heroes die in the first round and the others are low health.


  • Heroes have different speeds. Fast/Normal/Slow.

    The order of attack is

    Defense Fast 1
    Offense Fast 1
    Defense Fast 2
    Offense Fast 2

    Defense Normal 1
    Offense Normal 1
    Defense Normal 2
    Offense Normal 2

    Defense Slow 1
    Offense Slow 1
    Defense Slow 2
    Offense Slow 2

    All fast heroes finish before normal and all normal finish before slow. There are a few abilities that "slow" heroes however, which makes a fast hero normal, or a normal hero slow.

    It sounds like you might be fighting defenses with 4 fast heroes and only bringing normal heroes.
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