Takumi against Solaris - food for thought

(Yes, yes, I know Zomm is the new answer to Solaris, but here is something that occurred to me before the new Zomm came out, but which I haven't tested properly.)

So when we got the Takumi skin a month or two back, I was wondering what's the big idea. Will Takumi soon be boosted? Will Takumi get an epic?
So I tried to prepare for a possible upgrade, and runed up my runeless Takumi with 5 greater heroic runes - none too fancy, but none too shabby either.

Then I tested him against Solaris teams in Pvp - in combination with one or two other blue heroes. Admittedly, I only went to test this on lower level teams or 70 lvl teams with a weak roster or an only 3* Solaris.

The result: sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. It was 50/50, I would say. I also don't have Solaris myself and still don't properly know how he works, so my attacks were rather random. BUT I could see Takumi as a potential contender against Solaris teams, if his attack was just higher.

I've always loved Takumi's abilities per se, they would just need to be more op.
Solaris takes less damage from ranged attacks, and Takumi is the ONLY blue hero whose first special ability is melee (unless you count Sir Will, who might be a good ally in this case since he deals double damage to beasts, but who's also fairly low on atk). And I think Takumi's freezing helps against the resurrecting.

Has anyone else tested this by chance?
Or could anyone envision this to work?

I'm still hoping for a Takumi revamp or epic, so that we could have an alternative against Solaris. :)


  • GG's first move is also a melee ability.
  • I toyed around with him a tad as well - i originally set up a serious DR team with William, Takumi, Yasmin + 1 to try and make a video for "poor-man's team for beating beast teams" - sadly though, the full beast meta only lasted about a week before people realized a 4-beast defense was pretty easily beatable. My team then could not hack it against the Shade-Hopper teams, as it simply did not do enough damage before someone ultimately died and got stomped by hopper.

    So in part, Takumi as a 4th, may be plausible for the Solaris-Lupina-Pig-Grog teams that still linger, but there are so many other 4ths i would put ahead of him.

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • True about Grog-Gnog! I must have misread his skills sheet, because I was wondering...

    I can't properly remember, but i think i tried Valkin and Grog-gnog in combination with Takumi + various others.

    Would love to test it, but I don't wanna waste my raids, but maybe some tower teams with Solaris would be useful test objects. Especially now that they have runes.
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