Spending Gold vs Gems For Raid Refreshes

Just a suggestion here, but why not? I would gladly spend 1,000,000 for four more raids instead of 20,40,60,80 gems.

I don’t know what’s going on with Ella’s Honor, but so far this season it hasn’t been available for me ( I can’t see it ) in the shop. Also, some of the daily quests now give 3 gems instead of 5. I’m low on gems, yo. I feel like to fully enjoy this game you need to have a lot of these materials (gems) and if you’re like me and only spend once every now and then or on an occasional really good deal, switching from gems to Gold for refreshes would be very beneficial. BF would still be able to make money, and would increase player happiness, amiright? Maybe I’m wrong here, but just a suggestion, and wondering what everyone else thinks.


  • Working as intended

    Big Fish Games wants you to spend $ to get those gems.
  • shiggity80shiggity80 Member
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    HAHAHAHA gold for raid ticket refresh. Nice one. But seriously that would never happen.
  • edited November 2017
    I would spend all my rogar tokens for one raid ticket.

    Gold for tickets? Well that would make the premium currency, gems, less premium. I think we should use honor for that or something
    Mock exams finished...Im back!
  • More daily aether refreshes please.
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