Hi, A question about the heroes.

Hi guys! I just joined today and I have a question. I'm a Lvl 15 at the game and just recently unlocked IGOROK. Even though I'm very excited, my question is, should I use him? If not, what team should I do and how the heck do I pass Reflection Halls with 3 stars??!!


  • Igorok is a super solid tank with nice synergies with fellow water and monster heroes, some good choices to group him up with at your current level would be Yasmin, stonefist, and maybe a character like yorick and therand for damage(really depends on what you got, Yasmin and stonefist are just super easy to unlock).
    For reflection halls, your best bet would be nubs, bovus, and tsume, heroes who are somewhat easy to unlock and put out good damage with great survivability. Be sure that you target kang-kungs icicle's and snowballs to prevent him from doing most of his specials. You could always level up and come back later when you have higher level heroes and steamroll him that way too.
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  • great, thanks for the tips! :)
  • Don't focus to much on those heroes as they are mostly good only early on and there is a lot of better options what starting i remember finding that jabber and mangle after their 1st ascensions are pretty good because they do x2 dmg to any non armored hero witch allowed me to oneshot everything Sir william is an alternative to stonefist as he got a better taunt ( longer duration + counter ) Have fun ;) you might wanna save up diamonds for when they put some good featured heroes in the portal or if you want good runes but that comes at endgame
  • thanks for the tip, buddy! :smiley:
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