New here! Is Igorok starter pack worth it? Or should i wait fro something else?

Whats the best use of gems and golds?
Which of the heroes are top tier? Heard speed is essential?
Which heroes have the best speed?


  • This is such a broad question, so I’m going to give you an even broader, but simple answer.

    First, enjoy the game, learn the game, and if you enjoy it, splurge.

    On topic;
    A. The best use of gems / gold are most definitely Runes / Heroic Summons (low level) and powering those things up with gold. Never spend less than 2,700 gems on a Heroic summon or you’re playing yourself.

    B. “Top Tier Hero’s...” Up for debate, pick a hero you like and build around them. Most people will tell you Shade is the best hero in the game, and I’d disagree. Five really good heroes you can focus on in the beginning of the game are Koros / Grog Gnog / Chief Nub Nub (PvE,) Dagrund Blacksmoke, and Shadowblade. They helped me beat the entire game when I was new. PvP is an entirely different animal, learn as you go.

    C. “Speed” Heroes are classes by Fast, Medium, or Slow. When you unlock a hero you can look at their individual stats and see which category they fall into. Fast heroes are great, but Solaris, who in my opinion is the best hero in the game is a middle speed hero. Zomm who is also rock solid is a “slow” hero. Don’t let speed tiers fool you.
  • Save your gems. Use them to craft runes. Runes matter more than Hero level and stars.

    You will want to join an active guild ASAP because they reward heroic summons weekly. Wait to use the heroic portal until there is a featured hero you want then use a 10x pull.

    Top tier heroes: Any Legendaries. Shade and Hopper would be my top 2. Do yourself a favor and look at the Boss Player PVP replays. They will give examples of teams and how to use them.

    Save your gold. Only upgrade the heroes you use. Late game you will have tons of gold but it’s scarce early on.
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