Need rune setups

Hello, i am 32lv BOSS.
Can i have runepages for the following teams? I searched but there are many outdated such:
Shade+Hopper+Shadow+Zomm - PVP offence and defence team
Hansuke+Brom+Overlord+Zomm - PVE/PVP
Bramble+Nub+Squinch+Zurk - PVE/PVP
Also i need opinions are these teams good and where should i invest my resources to? none of them is ascended, except nub


  • I have guides for both Hopper and Shadowblade if you look in this subcategory of the Forum, they’re not outdated.
  • Runes: Attack / Def

    Shade: 3/2 - you can gamble 4/1 but that's better suited when you have his epic
    Hopper: 1/4
    Shadow: 5/0
    Zomm: 1/4 or 0/5

    Undead PvE 3/2 or 2/3 for all of them
    Goblins PvE 2/3 for all is pretty safe - they all need to be close to ~30% Crit hit

    These are very general guidelines, but safe; as you play you get a better feel for if they need more Attack or Def.
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