Didn’t think I had fat fingers but

In pvp there was a Koros (with like a knick of life left) behind a Chief NubNub. Now, yes. It’s my responsibility to tap Koros and not NubNub to attack Koros, but I tapped him like four times (iPhone 6+) and nothing happened. I tapped a fifth time and it registered as a tap on NubNub. Koros blasted my rogues and I wiped on what should have been an easy win.

It’s irritating, but not a huge deal

I’m only posting this to see if you’ve considered tweaking “hit box” sizes and dungeon raid configurations so that a short, Long character in the back isn’t being partially occluded by a taller character just in front of it. It’s just weird it didn’t register my taps on Koros and in my attempt to click him it said I tapped NubNub. Been playing every day for a couple years and this has happened very rarely but yeah.

Anyway. Just wanted to throw that out there


  • There are a couple things that could address this - the first and easiest (in my opinion) to get around targeting issues, is to have an "Auto" button in PvP - we've all had that instance where some sort of crash of sort prevents any sort of target, we force close hoping to get another crack at it, only to lose a mega streak instead. I think we've asked for this for months now.

    Your issue is a bit more specific in that an auto button would still give the potential to target the wrong hero and you'd still lose.
    For this, I would offer up sort of "buttons" at the bottom that let you target without tapping the hero, but via "name" perhaps.
    I get that it would take up a lot of space, but with zomminion glitches, i've seen a lot of weird hero alignments and sometimes you just cannot click those little buggers.

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • This is a fixable issue that the devs absolutely can resolve if they bother to prioritize it. I remember a couple years back when I went through a period of time playing Plants VS Zombies 2 and when I used a plant leaf to tap on one of my plants to activate its super power it always seemed to activate the plant in the square above the one I touched...this was noticed as folks must have complained how frustrating this was and in a fairly short period of time I was back to touching a plant and the one I actually touched would become super charged. So again, this is an issue that the coders can fix...but I suspect the dev team is small for this game and given how many bugs/glitches are part of the game I bet they have an unfortunately too long list of things that need to be resolved.

    I would be happy if they just threw up recycled events for as long as a month while they worked in the background to fix the targeting issues, readjust where your team stands so they do not cover sparklies, fix scaling so whether on a phone or ipad of any size that less items are off screen (I thought it was just an issue with my ipad 12.9" pro, but lots of folks have this issue on their phone/tablet), and worked to code things so a hot streak is less likely to result in a crash that has you losing a winnable raid regardless of how often you open/close the app.. So to sound like a broken record, once again this is all FIXABLE...it just takes time away from creating new heroes/rune stats/dungeons/skins/passives/debuffs/etc., sure the game would be static and bland to play for a while but it would be glorious if they fixed these issues.
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    They could just put little bubbles with the enemy's portraits above the heroes, with little arrows pointing down to them if you still don't get it. Then you could just click the bubbles and not the actual hero. They're all the same size, equally spaced, and everyone's happy. Oh, same for shinies too! They could put little arrows pointing to the shinies. Not like they're actually challenging to find, anyways.
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