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This is a re-iteration of previous posts, but I have yet to hear of any meaniful addition to the end game.

Once a player clears Challenge Mode, they are essentially done with Campaign content; clearing Boss Mode offers less per run toward improving a player's roster than the lower difficulty dungeons and offers little in rewards for completion/3*.

It has been over 1.5 years since runes and 2 years since a campaign dungeon of any consequence has been released.

@Joel @Eej are there any plans to expand on the DB saga while allowing our newer Runes to shine....or should we look elsewhere if fresh content is what we're after?

[Unrelated--offer tiered point based rewards rather than relative ranked rewards for events that are more frequent than every 2 months---and cap the points like war of the crowns once top tier is achieved :)]


  • For as much as we, as players, hate on db, they are very good about frequently releasing new content to keep all players happy. I am sure they have something cooking! Plus, we are still waiting on the combat revamp (although that will not be for a while).
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    Also, go gorgons!
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    End Game = "STFU and PvP, and give us your money"

    Are all plugs shameless?
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    I'm gonna play Devil's Advocate for a bit and ask, if we added new endgame content, wouldn't that just be pushing the endgame back? Wouldn't that just make the new endgame whatever's left after you beat the new content? Unless you mean something repeatable you can do every day, in which case I'd like to point out that almost all the complaints about the ToP are that it's repetitive. In that case, are you saying they should make a repeatable event or game that changes every now and then? I mean, I like the idea, but I doubt that will be an easy job for them. Especially given their record.

    Also, if it's not PvE we want, what could they possibly do for PvP for those who have reached endgame? They can't give them an advantage or disadvantage, or everyone would be upset. So I'm left to assume we want endgame PvE content.

    You know what I think would work... Something like the Boss Invasion meter, where you would get points for completing dungeons or doing quests. These quests and dungeons would change every week, giving you 7 days to fill up the bar as much as you can. Then at the end of the week, it would give you rewards based on how well you did. Or, if you filled the bar early, you would get your rewards instantly (but still have to wait for the rest of the week for it to reset). That's something I would enjoy doing, anyways. As long as the rewards were good. Like 10 heroic summons for filling it completely, or 100 rare hero tokens, or a jackpot of materials (which also wouldn't drop for people with maxed materials). Or maybe you could even choose your reward. I tend to find that having choices of what I get is way more rewarding than being handed something.

    I'm curious what you guys actually mean by new endgame content, though. If not any of this.
  • Give a buff/debuff every season of PvP while we wait for the combat revamp "soon"(TM). This will give us something new to do each week at least
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    I'm thinking back to my mmo days when crazy difficult content was released every 6 months and slowly nerfed until the next release. Hardcore players completed it within 2 weeks and farmed, less hardcore players worked on old content until they were built-up enough to tackle the nerfed new content. There's no reason this model wouldn't work on a mobile game.

    @JackHallow666 I want new challenging Campaign mode chapters that expand the story and pose a real challenge--they should require precise runing and strategy and offer rewards that are required to beat the following chapters.
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    For as much as we, as players, hate on db, they are very good about frequently releasing new content to keep all players happy. I am sure they have something cooking! Plus, we are still waiting on the combat revamp (although that will not be for a while).

    Can you please explain what this new content is?

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  • I'm not sure about content, but there's plenty of discontent. ;)
  • just make level 80 content, that superior runes cant auto run with solaris teams - make me think a little bit, for pete's sake.
    that was the joy of those original 20-stam boss dungeons - they were so hard for so many people that it was worth it to try new things and share your success. Now every one of them are just stam-sinks with very little incentive.
    I would straight up LOVE a new dungeon that I couldnt beat, only to find out that you need Balog and Takumi to do so.

    Are all plugs shameless?
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