Help with superior and greater runes

So i have lately hit level 60 and been BREEZING through boss mode (thank God for undead team). But since the new event came out,I managed to rack up some ds and crafted some materials to make a superior health tune for my zomm to further improve my team.But the only material I'm missing is the elemental essence,which is nowhere to be seen on my crafting page.Firstly,I need someone to tell me why I cant find it,and maybe tell me the cost of fully upgrading a superior tune and a greater rune (in case I can't make superiors I'll make treaters.) Thanks!


  • Check in crafting -> materials -> elemental. You will need to scroll down a little, Three elemental crafting materials are there. i5hm8yzypwnw.jpeg

    Hope it helps.
  • I dont know about greaters, but to fully tune a superior rune to 5 star legendary I usually need around 1100-1400 gems.
  • ckall056ckall056 Member
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    i did a few videos on rune crafting, you can use those as a guide to tally up the count - dont quote me, but i think its 1275 for a superior legendary (this is before the guaranteed 13th tune, which is likely another 1000+).
    I usually dont even craft a superior without 3,000 just to be safe.

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    If you're just using Improved Runes right now, I suggest making Greaters before you start making Superiors. They require about half the gems on average, and are only slightly less powerful.
  • ckall056 wrote: »
    I usually dont even craft a superior without 3,000 just to be safe.

    Needing 3k just to feel safe? Dang... I can easily wait until I am at the level of only crafting superior runes
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