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Hello Dungeon Boss Community!

Epic material spreadsheet: Epic_Calc. Version 1.2. All hero epics (including Grog-Gnog). Updated 12/22/17.

Enter your current level of the epics of each of your heroes. It tells you the mats that are required to max your epics. If you enter how many mats you have, it will reduce the total needed. It requires Excel.

Thanks to @Foozle for the original idea and @itirnitii for the material lists. Note: It requires Excel.

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  • Fantastic tool, great work Tim!
  • im sure google sheets can easily open it up :)
    The EMPIRE :: The Aegis of Athena
  • Wish my epics weren't maxed so I could use it. Nice work!
  • I haven’t tried Google Sheets. It has many hidden tabs with a bunch of complicated formulas. I don’t use Sheets for that type of file. Thx. Tim
  • itirnitii wrote: »
    Wish my epics weren't maxed so I could use it. Nice work!

    You poor, poor thing.
    Awesome Farfella guy up there was created by jackhallow666^!!!
    Also, go gorgons!
  • Hahahah... Similar boat.

    I will say that using something like this is exactly what allowed me to focus my farming for materials and crank through my Epics so quickly. I used Foozle's calculator -- it was supremely helpful and kinda fun to see myself making progress every time I'd update the materials list with current counts.
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