Solaris in runed-tower unfair

The tower can field 4 floors in a row with solaris and, say, leonides, but I can only field one set of deterrant heroes.

In my opinion, this seems to be inherently stacked against the player and makes one of the few remaining pleasures in DB for me (the tower) mostly unenjoyable and not very playable.

Just one player's opinion.


  • I face 3-4 beast Teams in Tower several Days a week - no problem at all...

    maybe you just need to increase your Roster Power (Runes, Ascensions, Stars)...!
  • I'm getting a handle on it now, but I still think the deck is stacked against the player who can only field one iteration of each important hero.
  • they fall against a well runed, stared, and power undead team with zomm, but usually i take a casualty or two if i try anything else
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