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I don’t EVER type full headlines in caps, so please please understand I am VERY serious about this! To anyone reading, ESPECIALLY BOSSFIGHT DEVELOPERS, this video is IMPORTANT. It describes why player trust is a huge part of long-term game survivability and why gambling-machine micro-transactions *cough Portalgate cough* are BAD for player trust, and therefore bad for long-term plans.

Most importantly, I think, is how it describes how more players who pay casually is better than having a small group of whales, but no other players. Since BossFight is clearly rather new to the game, and I mean this only relatively, I think it’s important the devs especially take this video’s information to heart because these are the reasons game companies like Valve and Nintendo have become so successful, and why they are staying successful to this day. Even if you don’t aim to be a huge household name company, aiming to have better standards is always a good idea.

I mean only good intent with this. I’m not saying the devs are lacking, or not good at their jobs. I merely believe that this video would be excellent advice - and is especially relevant at times such as these, where so many are losing their faith in Dungeon Boss.
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