Leader-board Idea / Way to Fix False Tips

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So you know those tips that say stuff like, 'Aria is one of the top 3 Heroes in PvP!', or 'Shieldmaiden Astrid is one of the top PvP Defenders!' (Okay, that one isn't as much of a lie, but you get my point). How about, we just remove those tips. Then, under the Leader-board section, put 'Most-used Heroes', which would simply collect data every time someone raids or sets their defenders. Then you could see top listings for most-used Heroes for both defending, and raiding. Additionally, every day a defense is un-changed, it would take that team and add another point to each Hero's score. That way, if a PvP Defense team works, and thus isn't changed as often, it's Heroes will still be high on the list.

Yay or nay?


  • Maybe everyone gets x tokens a day for the most popular hero? That way, each battle you are effectively casting 4 votes for most popular hero. It may actually force some of us veterans to stop using Shade...
  • cool idea - but they need to accommodate inactive players who quit - or it will possibly look like Selwyn is a top notch defender at some point!

    Are all plugs shameless?
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