New PvP Season runes

When are we going to start seeing some new variety in PvP seasons runes?

We’ve seen several Purple Def/Def/Atk... what about a yellow of the same kind?

Plenty of Atk/Atk/Def... how about more Atk/Atk/Health?


Don’t need to go crazy with it... just variations on a theme.


  • Waiting on a blue attack Rune..
  • Eh, post-revamp it won’t be very useful. We do have blue Crit, Atk, Def runes though. We definitely don’t have enough Health varieties though... and all the yellow runes (except the pre-season Crit/Atk/Atk) have been limited placement.
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    I remember when Champion Runes used to be totally unique. Blue Attack/Defense runes, Yellow Attack/Health, Red Health/Defense...

    Now they’re more or less all runes you can make yourself, just with optimized stats on them.
  • + 1 Please create some new runes.. A dark rune with a decent 4th stat besides rogue damage would be great.
    Some variety is sorely needed at this point.
  • Screw the stats. Have runes give or modify unique attributes but have no stats at all. If dozens of different types get released over time, it would make for real customization. Not every zomm you face would be the same **** zomm.

    Immune to freeze
    Start with a shield
    Perfect swing
    Increased dmg but reduced defense
    Turns basic attack into a ranged attack
    Makes hero slow (with respective bonus)
    Makes hero a monster type
    Replaces heroes 3rd ability with resurrection ability
    Doubles a hero’s color bonus
    Give hero x touch and skin
    Add chance to purge to basic attack
    Hero starts with taunt

    Sky’s the limit.
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