Guild Summit Monday 12/18

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As a reminder to guildmasters, we will be having our next guild summit on Monday the 18th. If you are a guildmaster and want to be part of the summit, please contact @D_Rodd if you haven't already. :)
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  • I'm not a guildmaster and not sure what policy is but every time a hero is nerfed, no matter how little, players should be informed !!! If this is already policy it should be put out there so everyone knows, if not then it should be policy.
  • They've "nerfed" 2 heroes. Zen, and MK. Both of these were very publicly announced.

    Which other nerfs are you referring to? And if there are no other nerfs, how would you like the policy displayed? A single sticky post that says "We will announce all nerfs!"?. I would think the precedent of announcing any hero changes would be policy enough.
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    Please note - if you are interested in joining the Summit chat, please contact me on LINE (not the forum) so that I can add you to the LINE chat. My ID is "drodd". Thank you!
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