Upgraded VIP Portal (VIP 10) Is VERY VERY NOT UPGRADED - Let the Crusade Begin!

Hi @Joel - I am pretty sure there have been complaints before, but as a newly anointed VIP 10, I felt obligated to point out the seriously lacking "Upgraded" aspect of the VIP Portal.

Can you enlighten us with what the exact specifics are with the upgrades?? Because from my vantage point the only upgrade is extra Loot Keys and Revive Potions which is a very tough pill to swallow...
Aside from celestial evos, all of those items in the VIP portal are total junk to anyone who's VIP 10 (actually, even the celestial evos are kind of worthless to us too). The VIP portal (or at least the "upgraded" one) should be loaded down with Etched Bars, and other elite level mats, or even raid tickets - this is especially true if you are not going to award us a premium on hero tokens. At the very least, hero token quantity should be directly tied to the chest color, which I've proven in both videos that it is currently not.

Here is a summary of 12 VIP summons, 6 at VIP 9 and 6 at VIP 10 illustrating exactly how non-upgraded this portal is.
*** Note, as a number guru, I am well aware that the number of data points here is very low to conclusively state that some of these items are upgraded or not***


My Sources:

VIP 9 pulls:

VIP 10 Pulls:

+1 Additional VIP 10 Pull (since video only showed 5)


Are all plugs shameless?


  • When you reach VIP 10, you get your name posted on a wall at BF. They call it the loser wall. My name has been there for a while and is starting to fade.
  • The upgrade to the VIP portal is an increase of the chance for the bottom right character, the unlockable one. Before VIP 10 it's an equal 25% chance and at VIP 10 you have a 40% chance of getting the bottom right character and 20% for the others.

    Nonetheless this upgrade is still barely above garbage tier especially with the small payout compared to the cost of the VIP portal.
  • I'm just happy we used a sample size of six to form an opinion XD At least I had over 100 VIP pulls before proclaiming it was garbage!

    Yes it is garbage. TTS is correct in what makes it "upgraded".
  • bvs72 wrote: »
    When you reach VIP 10, you get your name posted on a wall at BF. They call it the loser wall. My name has been there for a while and is starting to fade.

    Bet you're name is freshlypainted every week on the Muppet jail wall
  • uks9490mp8ni.jpg

    VIP 10 portal still sucks. Not in whose currently showing..

    Token pulls were x9,x12 maybe.
    Never x25 like you can get from the Heroic.

    ..and I had Grog 6 started before I started my run...It mysteriously knew to give me most of my 20 pulls as Grog..sorry...unless there is a 100x aether multiplier on the VIP 10 portal, I'll spend my money elsewhere.
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