How to Create A Basic and Simple Team in PvP

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Warning: This is only to Players Usually under Level 20 who need a good PvP Team Please tell me what you think in the comment section

Foreword: As you guys already probably played Dungeon Boss for quite a while, you would know that one of the core parts into getting good in the game or getting better is to PvP. However, for many low leveled free to play players with general bad luck, this is definitely the post for you to look at carefully. The most basic heroes you get into the game can be the best. If you played until the 3rd day PvPers, you would get a ninja called Shadowblade. Ascend him and he will be a trusted friend in your PvP Adventure. For example, I'm a Free To Play Level 28 at the game and use a pretty basic team consisting of Shadowblade, Stonefist, NubNub, and Nitpick. These are heroes you generally get early into the game. Enough about that, time to dive deep into pure strategy.

5 Ways To Become A Good PvP-er:

1. Find simple synergy and use it properly.

Simple synergy to start it all off well simple. It's the power to use heroes simply with their special tribes and abilities. For example, Chief NubNub is a Slow Healing Goblin, the former 2 have no synergy but the latter does. His Goblin trait can be used by Kozar Bonebreaker the Ogre's Goblin Alliance Passive Ability to allow each goblin and ogre to gain extra 15% HP and attack.

2. Cover each other's weaknesses

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