Takumi Buff Idea + Takumi and Executum Epics!

JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
So since MK got nerfed I’ve been thinking... what if this is a perfect opportunity to buff Takumi?

Think about this:
- Takumi and MK are both very clearly Asian-culture-inspired and thus share similar design aspects.
- Takumi and Executum were both paired side-by-side in the anniversary event.
- Takumi and Hansuke are almost carbon copies of each other, one is just Undead.
- Now that MK is terrible, the Undead could use a new counter...

Picking up what I’m putting down? Give Takumi PWN Undead! Along with other things, Takumi could be made to be the new Undead killer! He could have a passive that makes all his damage against Undead heroes reduce their max health, to counter their impressive health stats and constant health buffs by Zomm.

Additionally, I’ve drawn up two epics - One for Takumi and one for Executum. I’ve drawn this one for Takumi before, but figured I could redraw it for fun.

Takumi - Morning Dew
+ Health/Defense/Crit Chance
+ Chance to deal 2.5x Damage to the target, plus Chills all enemies.

Executum - True Void Blade
+ Attack/Skill/Crit Chance
+ Chance to deal 3x Damage to the target, and Dehabilitate them.
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