How did you make it worse?

Ok, I’m a long time player, and I tend not to post on here, or anywhere, but for Christ sake, what are you devs playing at?

PVP was already tedious, but we all persevered for the sake of getting a half decent rune!

Now you have taken that 1 item that everyone played PVP for, and given it to the top players.

You didn’t even replace it with anything, you just took it away?

Why not leave the greater rune for the under 100 players, and give a superior to the top 100?

There is nothing to push for anymore in PVP! You may have actually just killed it completely!


  • I just want to know what they are planning on doing with pvp. It's been nearly a year since we went to this format. This format is stagnant with no new material to try for and the lack of new characters. Please give us something to keep us long term players interested. And well said Andy.
  • It was just a mistake. The rune reward is still a thing for people who aren't in the B100. k2lyt2dvdgax.png
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