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  • @Brazy Thanks for your help in clarifying the issue, I’ve been going round for weeks on this.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    RedE2Quit wrote: »
    @Joel Thanks for the information. I’m still struggling to grasp this, to make sure I understand, in the Tower the damage for the fury calculation must all occur on the same floor? If I win the floor with a full team all down to 15% health when I move to the next floor fury resets to 0%, so even if all 3 of Solaris’s allies are defeated this would only amount to 45% damage so fury would stay below 100%.

    That is correct.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Fury shouldn’t reset between floors just like Energy doesn’t reset.
  • DB_Dillon wrote: »

    It's determined like your last example. Except in that example, fury would only be halfway filled.

    Hero A loses 50% of their health, Hero B loses 50% of their health, and Hero C dies.
    50% + 50% + 100% = 200% health loss = 100% fury amount. In my initial example there was 75% dealt to 3, which means 225% health lost, which means fury should be 112% ready (it caps at 100.)


    Haha. Oops, of course my example would be 50% instead of 100%. That makes perfect sense, thanks! :)
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