Is there a definitive list of what skill does? I find the general description of skill to be way too vague. What toons benefit the most from skill on a rune?


  • Skill determines how good your healing is, or how good your debuffs are on your enemies.

    If Phenol Thoxian were to poison somebody, his poison deals damage depending on his skill.

    Skill also helps raise your crit, that's why healers usually have a good crit chance.
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  • I've found a lot of the things that give +% passives are directly tied to skill (you can get a glimpse of that in my Grog epic video).
    The only things we really dont know for sure are the exact thresholds for how much skill actually impacts those things.
    I did a video calculating the the skill for purposes with critical rating, which was a bit easier to calculate. I dont know that anyone else has crunched the numbers to see anything like say "+1000 skill = 2% for this or that"

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  • Skill also increase effectiveness of buffs applied by the hero with a certain skill rating.
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    Skill also increase effectiveness of buffs applied by the hero with a certain skill rating.

    Is there a way to see how much dodge % is applied? For instance, if I load rocky up with skill runes how do I know how much extra dodge % spore cloud grants?
  • Here's a really useful post explaining how Skill works:

    It may not work the same way after the impending combat revamp, though.
  • Thanks @ScoutYo!

    I just noticed that adding skill will update the ability text. Notice Rocky’s spore cloud: 37% to 39% dodge. If I keep focusing on skill I could get it all the way up to 41%... not really that great :frowning:

  • It's not worth wondering about.

    But I do think it should increase dodge chance or decrease an enemy's chance to dodge based on skill.

    IE - My Viperia has 2200 skill and their Shadowblade has 1700 skill --- Viperia's skill decreases SB's chance to dodge by 2.5%.

    Or, SB has 2200 skill and is attacked by Viperia with 1700 skill -- Shadowblade gains an additional 2.5% to dodge.

    100 skill more than the enemy hero = 0.5% chance to dodge an enemy's attack OR lessen an enemy's chance to dodge when attacking. @DB_Dillon / @Joel

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