Wreath amount from Gold door is not accurate ?

I just open the Bonus #14 door with a GOLD key. For me, the description lists Goretusk tokens, loot keys, Stonefist skin, Light Runes and 5000 Wreaths.
The wreath amount is not correct for me.

Before I open the door : my total wreaths is 137965
After I open the door with Gold key, my total wreaths is 138015.
That is only an increase of 50 wreaths, not 5000.

Does anyone else has this problem ?


  • darrendarren Member
    About 15mins after submitting the feedback to developer, my account got an "out-of-sync" notification. Upon reload, the correct amount of wreaths (x5000) is in my account.

    Kudos to the developer for fast response.
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