Goretusk’s “Crippling Cold” passive

This passive needs to be reconsidered or modified. Because of how battle order changes are handled by the logic, this “passive buff” ends up being more like a “passive debuff” on GT.

I see the following scenarios in PvP quite often:

Offense (in order): Zomm, Daeris, Shade, GT
Defense: N1, N2, N3, N4 (where N=normal speed)

What will happen is when Def N1 attacks, this hero is slowed by GT’s passive. Instead of Daeris, my first normal speed hero, going next, the def “second” normal hero - N2 - attacks. This is because N1’s speed is re-evaluated to slow (S1), and the order logic bumps everyone else up a position, making it S1, N1, N2, N3. Then, the new “first normal” speed hero attacks because in the new order, N1 hasn’t gone yet. This results in the def getting two attacks in a row purely out of RNG.

Now, another case...

Offense (in order): Shade, GT, Daeris, Zomm
Defense: Grog, N1, N2, N3

In this instance, Grog uses AoE and slows GT (and Grog is slowed as well). This will result in Grog, N1, and N2 all attacking before Daeris attacks - 3 attacks (plus pack tactics if all beasts). Grog is slowed, so he goes from N1 to S1, prompting N2 to N1 and so on. So the “new” N1 on the def attacks. Then, because GT was slowed and went from F1 to N1, it’s his turn... but he already attacked as a fast hero, so he gets skipped at normal speed. Then def “new” N2 (preciously N3 Before Grog was slowed) attacks. That’s a third attack in a row by the def. And finally, Daeris - my original N1 - gets to go.

Now, slow is a long-standing game mechanic. I accept it and am OK with Grog slowing GT and changing him to a normal speed hero. Ordering is a large part of the game mechanics and strategy, so let's not get distracted by that in my second case. I was just illustrating how this problem can easily be exacerbated.

But the GT slow on hit just adds more RNG to an already RNG filled environment (especially against beasts) that I don't think is necessary. A passive trait/buff should have benefit to the hero. This is mostly detriment from my experience, especially first round when the resulting impacts are the greatest.


  • ScoutYoScoutYo Member
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    I've seen this happen, too. In my case, defender GT (first fast defender) hit my GT and was slowed, which led to defender Shade (second fast defender) immediately taking a turn, before my first fast attacker got a turn. I'd prefer a change to how combat ordering is affected by slow, rather than a change to GT's passive, but I agree that the way it is now is a problem.

    And while you're fixing issues related to Slowed status, can you please fix how it still sometime alters the slowed heroes' attack order (when caused by AoEs from GG and Bovus). @DB_Dillon @Joel
  • coneyKconeyK Member
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    This is also an issue with Pontifex, right? If you kill him before he gets his "normal turn," his reanimation as a slow character causes a turn-order reevaluation that means another normal defender will get to take their turn before you can.

    So like, if the defenders are N1, Pontifex, N3, N4, and you kill Pontifex immediately after N1's turn, N3 will get their turn next, even though it should belong to your next normal hero.
  • All are very valid arguements I have seen first hand in PVP and am being incredibly frustrated with. Between the two of them and the typical ordering of PVP it has become more of a chore and pain in the **** to attempt pvp these days.
  • @coneyK yes, that is true. But the aim of this particular post is not to complain about ordering in general, but the unique problems that GT’s “buff” creates in hopes of fixing or re-evaluating that particular passive (and not updating ordering as a whole, as I have no expectation of that).

    Had another scenario yesterday:

    Def: Grog, Pig, Jabber, Solaris.

    - Grog went, and got slowed by my GT. He became S1 now, and Pig promoted to N1
    - Pig went, and got slowed by GT. He became S2 now, and Jabber was promoted to N1
    - Jabber went, and got slowed by GT. He became S3 now, and Solaris was promoted to N1
    - Solaris went
    - My FIRST normal speed hero finally attack

    So, even though my ordering was flawless (Zomm, Daeris, Shade, GT), the defense still had all their “normal” speed heroes attack before my first position normal got to move.
  • KamoySinKamoySin Member
    I'm having this issue ever since the release of him. But my concern is mostly is not about that defence team gets advantage. The most terrific is that can be used as threat. Let me explain: you can abuse this into your own favor, and attack goretusk for slowing down your own 1st character and letting other team member(or even members!) attack in unfair order.

    I bet as soon people will start abuse this we will see some changes

    Oh, I have video recorded as well, but for some reason I can't attach it, just inappropriate file. You can contact me in Line if you want to
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