Festive Rune Theory - Every Hero Ability and the Turn They're Available

Hi everyone,
I created a google doc for reference for anyone looking to experiment with festive runes, as well as other energy-generating tactics, so that you can determine which hero abilities you'd like to try and utilize sooner rather than later in your PvP attacks.
This is still a sort a work in progress, as I have not added columns for combined effects yet - you'll have to do that part yourself.
Also please leave a comment on the sheet if there are any errors and I will fix them as soon as I can.

Hopefully this helps!


Are all plugs shameless?


  • KnurtKnurt Member
    Thank you. I've been wondering who i should put superior festive runes on, and that spread sheet made me put them on Koros.
    Again, thanks.
    please send arcane evos
    Favorite Hero: Hopper
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