Has anyone tried/suceeded in buying the "Loot-acris Special!" ?

Because I have and when I try it asks me if i want to buy a "lesser rune grab bag" for 9.99 US... the Lootacris special is for 2000 gems 5 heroic summons 500 stamina and 100 loot keys. For one, how is that even remotely like a rune grab bag? And two, when did lesser grab bags start costing 9.99? Because in the shop it clearly states their 3.99.


  • They screwed up. They copy/pasted another entry to make this shop item and forgot to change the description. You should be okay to purchase.
  • Ok so I decided to try and now all I get is a failure to purchase notice... what a joke
  • has anyone successfully bought this???
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