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  • darrendarren Member
    I have Zomm runed for offense and bulwark... Attack at 6k and Defense at 3.5k. Been quite good so far, but i have always wondered if Zomm is better as an OFFENSE or a MAX-DR hero ?
    Does the skeleton (zoominion??) attack/defense depends on Zomm's runes or the dead hero ?
  • ApocalyptusApocalyptus Member
    edited January 9
    There is only one thing wrong here (from my perspective)

    Answer: Vampire rune
    Namely because Soulless Scourge allows Zomm and all Undead to lifesteal HP Equivalent to 25% of the damage done (until the combat revamp kicks in.) thus making vampire runes "Slightly" obsolete.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • There is only one thing wrong here (from my perspective)

    I thought you were going say "Lesser"

    Are all plugs shameless?
  • I think he put the Vampiric rune there for the 2k Health.. The lifesteal is an extra bonus.
    At least that is how i use the Superior Vamp rune we got from event.. I treat it more as a LIFE rune.
  • Now that healing has changed, should we put any skill on zomm so that his taste for brains will do healing, mine slowly loses health in pvp, the vamipic helps, but itss not enough to keep him at max health.
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