I am done after 850 days...nothing but a rat on a wheel

I have played DB everyday for 850 days...I can say it has been my favorite game of a lifetime of playing games. I am top 100 in 3 categories including power...I have been maxed out for ever. I have financially supported the game as a level 6 VIP. It has been my pleasure. But unless something changes I will be leaving DB after 850 days...I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE. But the same old same old has become torture...you have lost your way. Nothing creative as far as dungeons are concerned. I finished pvp legend one every time but it is so not fun...you almost need a PhD for how complicated it has become (I have 2 Masters btw) And as soon as I work to figure out an angle you nerf it. Insanely frustrating. I feel like a rat on a wheel. But there is really not any reward for my work. I am maxed out!!!! I love my top ten guild and I will give them 2 weeks notice. I don’t want to leave, but I am determined to unless you give me some hope...no new dungeon levels no raising the 70 level cap...no new bosses in dungeons to beat for an eternity...you run the same campaigns over and over again...please give me some hope that you are going to get back to what made you great to begin with. I will wait a week to hear from you...but then give my notice to my guild...I will be sad but at least I will not be tortured everyday by the same old same old. Games are supposed to be fun...there was a time when DB was the best. BTW many members of my guild feel the same way as I do. If your opinion is different from mine players out there...I respect them...it’s how you feel...respect mine and please don’t tell me how wrong I am...I wanted the developers to know why such a loyal fan has given up.
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