Well, ya broke the game

The recent combat changes have essentially broken the game for me. My PVP team, which was rated at a little over 31,000, magically dropped to 28,500 with the recent patch.

Not only that, but things are completely out of whack in terms of the points values and how tough the teams are. For reference, all of my heroes were six-starred, full 5-star level 30 legendary runes. At 31,000 points, I could regularly beat 24,000 point teams, and often as high as 26,000-27,000.

Now I'm getting wiped out about half of the time by 19,000 point teams. And all Beast teams? Fuggedaboutit. They wipe out my mostly-Undead team before I have a chance to catch a breath. Now, most of my heroes are Slow, so I runed heavily in defense to counteract the initial damage rush. But that doesn't seem to make a difference now, as Shade and Lord Zomm go down in the first AOE salvo; there goes my two heaviest hitters.

And probably worst of all, Chief NubNub has gone from an essential healer to essentially worthless. His heals are ticking for about 800HP now; when even a weakling hero can hit for well over a thousand points with their autoattack, this is basically worthless. I've already de-runed him (by the way, contrary to what the blurb said, de-runing is not free -- it cost me about a million gold to derune NubNub) and am experimenting with other heroes, but this massive "rebalancing"... no, let's call it what it is, this massive NERF... has taken away a lot of my enthusiasm. Why spend time and real-world money building up heroes and runes only to have that all rendered worthless at the stroke of an over-zealous developer's compiler?

I'll watch and see if you roll this back, but as a player for many years (and FAR too much real-world money now), this may be the end of Dungeon Boss for me. Don't worry; I won't let the door hit me on the way out.


  • Lol, many years and nub nub in same post. Yeah, don't damage the door bud
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Wait, isn't having your roster powered lowered a good thing? Or did the combat revamp change that, too?
  • amadmonk wrote: »

    I'll watch and see if you roll this back, but as a player for many years (and FAR too much real-world money now), this may be the end of Dungeon Boss for me. Don't worry; I won't let the door hit me on the way out.

    No need to wait and see, just open the door and double check that it won't hit you on the way out.
  • Roster Power numbers are irrelevant and arbitrary. Doesn't matter if your total roster power dropped by 30K, everyone else who had a similar roster to you is now 30K less as well. ;)
  • lol I love these posts ... and I have been guilty of doing it in other games in the past .... it's hillarious to see people say "WELL YOU WRECKED THE GAME I'M LEAVING" ... meanwhile a couple of thousand more NEW people will be playing with the new mechanics thinking it's fantastic and completely balanced. Too funny. The way I got over TRAGEDIES like this was begun to see changes like this as a challenge to relearn how things worked and it actually has kept games more interesting. While at the start it seemed unfair and destructive I eventually got into the mindset that this is something that will happen in EVERY game, the metagame is fluid .. if games stayed the same then you wouldn't have the game that you've loved playing .. it will still be version ... I came into this game well after runes were introduced and I still see people complain that runes runed the game .. but I love it. So .. learn the new meta .. and no you haven't wasted money, you've enjoyed playing with the money you've spent, if you've spent money before to get better you will do it again .. just like everyone else .. you're not special .. I'm sorry for you to hear that . but you aren't .. mature up a bit.
  • It is kinda misleading. They really should have Free Rune unequips for the length of the 3 day event, not just a pithy 2 hours.

    It's asinine to completely upend the combat equations and then expect us to figure stuff out in the space of 2 hours. Completely unacceptable.
  • DB, has done this before. They changed Zen a year or so ago.
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