What a shame...

I played this game religiously when it was first released and for more than a year after. The game got monotonous and expensive (and I’m at VIP 7) and I left my guild and moved on. I came back pretty recently and was excited about some of the changes, and new heroes - so I started playing again. After this “update” I found very quickly that those who are now crying foul are not without legitimacy. I’m suddenly being wiped out in situations where that would have never happened - since yesterday! Dungeons are impossible to compete, even with my stellar team that has been reliable for so long. This doesn’t make a game “challenging”, it makes it unreasonably frustrating. I have never known the developers to listen to player feedback, and so I won’t hold my breath for it here. I’m not out to whine and I’m fully aware my voice isn’t going to make a difference. It just seems such a shame.


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