Weird tower Grog/Furnace thing

In the tower, I had Furnace and Grog together. Furnace had a taunt, and when I tried to use Grog, it only allowed him to target my own Furnace, no enemies. This was true for both Grog’s basic and special attacks. So I did aim at my Furnace ... and he hit enemy Cobressa. This happened twice, two different turns.



  • I have had that happen too, im pretty sure it is because of kreels backsplash.
  • This is a weird one.

    With backsplash debuff, all heroes in the room become targets for AOE attacks. Since GG’s basic is an “AOE” and Furnace has taunt, Furnace is the only selectable target.

    Did GG not hit Furnace at all? Did GG only hit Cobressa 1 time? What happened to GG’s second hit?
  • I had it happen when my overlord executum was void taunting, and kreel had backsplashed my team(zomm,shade,exec,brom). When i went to attack with the next hero (zomm) I could only target executum, but it still attacked the other team then i pressed on executum. Im prtty sure that after that attack things went normally.
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    Grog hit Cobressa twice and it looked just like it would have had I actually targeted her. The second turn where I had to aim at Furnace, Grog’s next turn, was identical. Grog hit Cobressa twice. After that, everything returned to normal. I was still under the influence of backsplash after that. But the Furnace taunt was gone. From what you are saying, @MonkeyHunter , the odd part here was the hit on Cobressa, not the forced-targeting of Furnace. That’s interesting, thanks!

    I will try to recreate it in another tower when I get a reptile or Kai enemy team. See if I can get more detailed info.
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    We'll get this fixed. Thanks for the info!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
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    Just to add, it's Kreel and taunt, Astrid can only target Furnace after Kreel for the same reason.

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