"Error No active Tower"

I was about to do the tower of pwnage today when i recieved this error, saying No active Tower. @Joel please get on this one, I cant even use the pwnage shop... I have a screenshot if required though. I even closed the game but the same happened.


  • O have the same issue. Take note of the green dot on my tower that is going to expire in 45 minutes...6k4vlaolanf0.png
  • Same problem, no matter how many times I restart my phone no tower of pwnage available.. Happening since last update that nerfed NubNub
  • same issue today : (
  • same here.this is my first time happening
  • AmkdrAmkdr Member
    Same problem.... fix this please
  • KnurtKnurt Member
    eww a p2p
    please send arcane evos
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  • ImpossiblemanImpossibleman Member
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    I actually don't have this problem, i'm behind with tower too but i can play.
    i just finished floor 2 where i left it yesterday.
    my time is based on UTC+1

    EDIT, the tower i started friday i could finish, the new tower this saturday is "not active".
    I can join this pitch fork party now, I WANT MY TOWER!!!!
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  • No active tower here
  • NO active tower here as well.
  • They were making the tower harder and harder because they don't really want to give out more free stanima then they are already are dishing out.not too many we're buying stamina because of this they created a false error.
    Now once you're done your free stanima your more likely to buy more and that's the whole reason for this false error.
  • JohnTJohnT Member
    "No active tower" error for the past couple of days for me as well.
  • same problem here... hope this get resolved soon.. I still wanna spend in the pwn shop
  • Same problem, I need gems, wanted to open 10x heroic and i can't and there was Solaris :( I hope they will give us at least gems for the lost towers :/
  • bwubbwub Member
    Same problem. At least two days now.
  • Tower is working by now, but no refund for the lost ones, maybe soon :/
  • Valiei wrote: »
    Tower is working by now, but no refund for the lost ones, maybe soon :/

    There will be no compensation.
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