Weak PVP defenses

I wanted to ask people's opinions about putting up weak defenses for the PVP event. Is it worth it to help others complete their quests? I guess it's not cheating since it's our roster. What do you guys think?


  • TopKnightTopKnight Member
    edited January 13
    Let’s do it and come together as a community like we used to. I miss the lone Jabber defenses.
  • I did this morning.

    I changed mine to Dhageon, Sifu, Takumi, and Aria (2*).

    Also, I didn't think about this until recently, but with the 3 days of free rune unequip, you should go ahead and just put the best runes you have on heroes you need on each of the legs of the quests. Like for healers, pick your best heroes, load them up with the best runes, and then when it's over, take them off again to use for the next set of heroes/quest.
  • and if the tower doesn't work then it won't hurt to de-rune 4 heroes for pvp defense...
  • li30li30 Member
    shiggity80 wrote: »
    I did this morning.
    I changed mine to Dhageon, Sifu, Takumi, and Aria (2*).
    Appreciated it, got my rogue quest done Because of ur defense, thx :smile:
  • philphil Member
    I did it too. Thanks to all you 1k rune power defenses out there. Healer and light done. Moving on to water/tank.
  • I did it too.
  • I put up 4 un-runes heroes, an easy win for anyone who tries, but still haven't been attacked much. Makes me wonder again about how often teams are offered at opponents. I expected at least 100 attacks a day, and got less than 20 in the last 24 hours.

    I don't do PvP much anymore so I don't care about wins/losses, I'm just ticking over on this game.
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