Let’s Buff: Matsuta Kira and Black Diamond!

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We all know them, but we sure as heck don’t all love ‘em, it’s the Fast Rogue Light duo, MK and BD! These two heroes are both at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to usefulness, nowadays. They both used to be pretty good, but due to one reason or another, these two need some serious love from the devs! I’m with you today to come up with some awesome ideas to help get MK and BD back on their agile little feet. All ideas are welcomed!

Matsuta Kira
+Attack, +Skill
Tenacious Assault: Instead of having a chance to perform a Death Blossom at the end of every turn, this passive could instead make MK perform a basic attack on the lowest-health enemy at the end of every turn. This attack would not be able to become an Epic attack, but it would also not trigger retaliation effects, on-hit effects, or damage Kira from damage-reflecting effects.
PWN Undead: This multiplier should at least be brought up to 2x.
Agile as Lightning (Replaces Shifty): A new passive, this would give MK a flat 20% chance to dodge any attack. In addition, any boosts to his Dodge Chance will also increase his Damage Penetration by the same amount (not including the 20% Dodge Chance from this passive)!
Rogue’s Cunning: A new passive for all Rogues to have, Rogue’s Cunning grants a flat +15% to Damage Penetration, and increases damage by 1.5x against un-armored enemies!
Death Blossom: This should simply be restored to its old glory, 2 hits per enemy, just like the original.
Vibrating Palm: This attack should gain an added chance to Shock the target, and deal 2x damage against enemies who resist or negate Spirit attacks normally.
Dim Mak: Could be on a lower cooldown.

Black Diamond
+Attack, +Health, +Defense
Rogue’s Cunning: Same as for MK. An instant 15% Damage Penetration, and 1.5x damage vs un-armored foes.
Agile as Wind (Replaces Agile): This passive would grant BD an instant 20% dodge chance to all attacks. In addition, BD will gain Evading for 1 turn whenever she is hit by direct damage (poison, burning, and splash damage are examples of non-direct damage).
Beast Hunter: BD could deal 2x damage to Beasts, to even things out.
Decisive Slash: Whenever BD scores a Crit, she will attack the enemy (or enemies) hit by the critical attack(s) with an extra basic attack that cannot Crit. Additionally, her Crits will purge buffs.
Blade Storm: In addition to dealing more damage, this attack could also lower enemy Defense. Should also require less energy.
Assassinate: Should grant BD Evading when used, and start charged.
Assassin’s Wrath: In addition to buffing team Crit, this attack could also rally in allied Rogues to attack the same target.


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    I sometimes ask myself how come the devs don't offer you a post.
    your ideas are awesome
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