Daily Boosts: 2x Honor, Free Rune Unequip

The daily boosts are well thought out and welcome additions to the game. What’s missing are PVP related boosts.

The PVP revamp, while a welcome change, has made PVP harder and battles take longer. Adding a 2x Honor boost would encourage players to engage in the new system.

Adding a Free Rune Unequip boost is a no brainer. I never understood why this was so restricted. Giving players 1 day a week to play with their Rune setups would encourage novel setups and help prevent static PvP defenses.


  • kalamadeakalamadea Member
    edited January 17
    I would argue that Free Rune Un-Equips sound nice, but since DB is designed around players purchasing gold/gems, it's less likely to be "free"

    Before there was sizeable gem cost to unequip runes for a limited period of time. It didn't go well I recall with the playerbase.

    I would suggest a compromise instead, an option to purchase "Unequip Runes for 0 Gold" for X amount of time using Aether, Tower Points, Honor Points, and Gems.

  • I would argue that even with one free day, there would still be a cost the other 86% of the time and people will obviously pay the premium if they just need to move one or two runes.

    Having free unequips more often would go a long way toward getting rid of the stagnant meta that we have at the moment. People rune their heroes once and don’t really experiment with different builds. Removing that penalty would go a long way toward giving us the freedom to shake things up occasionally.
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