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After a lot of thought, I have decided to compile a list of suggestions and ideas to change up the pvp system to make the required time, strategy and skill comparable to the recent guild games event.

Let’s start with streaks: Get rid of them. After seeing how happy some of the players are with GGX, it’s totally obvious that win-streaks are inappropriate. Especially with the combat revamp making raids last infinitely longer for no reason, nobody has time to keep a streak of 20+ together, right? Let’s face it. Getting long win-streaks is hard. There’s no reason a player should be rewarded by putting their game knowledge and time in for bonus trophies, while some players don’t have the spare time or skill to do the same. It’s not fair.

You might be saying, “well, how are we supposed to gain higher amounts of trophies to compete on the leader-board?” Excellent question. I propose three new items:

10x trophies for four hours: $150
10x trophies for two hours: $143
10x trophies for five minutes: $99.99

These fairly priced boosts should cover everyone in terms of time commitment to pvp while making up for the removal of streak bonuses.

You still may be sitting there thinking, “I’ve always wanted to get the ‘Legendary Conquer’ title, but I’m terrible at pvp and I don’t know what planet I’m on.” For those of you that really want to put your money where your mouth is, I’m also proposing a new, streamlined bundle:

The Legendary Conquerer bundle: $1,000
This pack would include the prestigious LC title, 100k honor, 25m gold, and 6 yellow monarchs.


  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    I hope most of your suggestions are meant to be a joke. Why not add buy 30 daily crowns for seven days for $10 so players can play the game even less. After all, we don’t play the game for fun, just for titles. The buying of the Legendary Conqueror title would cheapen it even more than the APM exploit did.
  • I like the crown idea! If we could just get the devs to take all of our money and give us all of the rewards while never having to log in, it’d be great
  • Ahhh,the suggestion to improve game before the quit
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