Aramil Goldair, the Elf Gambler

Aramil Goldair

"A lot of elves think he's a disgrace for giving up his old life, but really, they're just sick of losing to him. - Willow Swift”

Element: Light
Tags: Elf Caster

Appearance: Aramil is a young elf man with an appearance of roughly 21 years old, having long blonde hair that is curtained at his forehead, blue eyes, typical pointed ears, and always sports a smirk. He wears what looks like a high-class outfit colored gold with black accents, which has a brown belt and black shoes to go with them. His left hand also holds a deck of magical cards, with one of these cards always in his right hand. At 1st ascension, Aramil gains a white headband, white gloves on his hands, and poofy shoulders on his outfit. At 2nd ascension, the headband gains a pearl to look like a tiara, his outfit becomes longer and fancier, his boots more detailed, and a noticeable black emblem appears on the back of his cards.

Runes: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Nature


HP: **
ATK: **
DEF: *
SKL: *****


(No ascensions)

Blackjack - At the start of each round, Aramil will draw a card from his deck with a value from 1 to 10, with 1 cards also acting as 11. His current hand value and number of cards in his hand can be checked by inspecting the passive. Aramil's damage will be increased by [hand value x 10]%, with a 21 instead giving a flat 300% damage increase, but if his hand value becomes 22 or higher, his hand size will reset. The value of drawn cards is entirely dependent on luck. Getting 21 changes the properties of some of his attacks.
Magical - Reduced damage from non-Physical attacks.
Lucky Day - Automatically dodges the first attack he would take in each encounter.

(1st ascension)

Elven Luck - Elf allies gain Damage Reduction dependent on his hand value. At hand value 21, all Elf allies are Invincible for 1 turn.
All In - The chance of Aramil's next card giving him 21 increases as his HP decreases.
Magical II - Reduced damage from non-Physical attacks.

(2nd ascension)

Winner Take All - Team Lifesteals on any attacks used at hand value 21.
Magical III - Reduced damage from non-Physical attacks.


Card Throw - Basic attack. Ranged Physical attack on one target. With hand value 21, Card Throw becomes Ace of Spades, which bypasses all Damage Reduction.

Discard and Draw - Ranged Light attack on all enemies. Using this move resets Aramil's hand after the damage is dealt. With hand value 21, Discard and Draw hits once for every card in Aramil's hand instead of just once. (Cooldown: 7)

Mystery Card - Ranged Spirit attack that inflicts Joker on the target. With hand value 21, Mystery Card becomes Joker's Wild, which affects all enemies and inflicts Joker. (Cooldown: 4)
(The Joker debuff completely randomizes the damage dealt and healing received by the target, with both multipliers capable of going at low as 0% or as high as 150%.)

Full House - Ranged Light attack that attacks one enemy five times, with each hit having only half the boost from Blackjack. With hand value 21, Full House becomes Royal Flush, instantly killing the target and causing splash damage equal to a percentage of the target's HP. (Cooldown: 7)


  • Very unique and well thought out, but displaying Aramil's hand size could be a bit of a problem.
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