Feedback from this past GG event

1. I was -delighted- to be able to get full points through quicklooting - I can't -stand- grinding event dungeons over and over. Made the event much more pleasant for me and planning my time. Spending 8 hours a day for 4 days rerunning and rerunning the same event tokens over and over is not only not easy for me, but its unimaginably boring.

2. It's critically important that all store boosts, bonuses and items be present no later than the beginning of the event so we can plan our commitment/strategy

3. Minor: it seemed to me counterproductive to offer ticket bonus offers just 2 hours prior to the closing of the store a day after the event was over, but it would make sense if you were trying to get those last minute shoppers. I would have thought youd've gotten more takers if you offered the event just at the same time rewards are handed out - might get people to want to purchase more tickets to "reach for that one thing they see but don't quite have enough tickets to purchase."


  • ...thinking back..yes, perhaps the word "delighted" was a bit strong, but it was refreshing to be able to complete the quests without having to devote -every- -waking- -moment- to grinding (after previous events.) It also allowed me not to spend a single real life cent to get a decent event completion. Not all of us are FatCats :)

    As for digestive tracts, I'm reminded of the scene in Men in Black when Agent K dives into the monster to retrieve his weapon. If you have read my recent posts, especially the one regarding the...astronomical...proces of some recent token bundles, you'd know I was no DB Cheerleader.

    My original response was a hurried one, after reading (part) of the last guild summit I felt I should say something publicly about my feelings lest those stated in the summit be the only things DB heard. I was hoping others would chime in and affect DB's opinions on the (then) upcoming next event. I'm surprised anyone even read it - thanks f0r that.

    A quick glance at your suggestions - I really like 'em!]

    Oops..forgot morning caffeine before posting - please excuse typos...
  • Sorry, @sirtainly. Shouldn’t be taking my Big Fish rage out on you.

    I was disappointed to read the transcripts of the last summit. There were a few people that I wouldn’t have expected raving about how much they liked the new format of Guild Games — people that were actually in a position to say, “Yeah, we may have been at the top of the heap, but you know this is garbage, was in no way enjoyable, and should never be done again.”
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